The Geometry of Modern Architecture

Who said that architecture is only about rectangular shapes and straight lines? Indeed, the architects have always tried to make their creations unique, experimenting with forms, shapes, and lines in their projects. Rounded shapes are among the finest and the most delicate shapes in architecture. Actually, it is the use of such unusual shapes and non-traditional approaches to the design of buildings that turns architecture into a specific form of true art. Indeed, even if you look at the ancient temples, churches, and castles with their arches and domes – you’ll see that even ancient architects treated circles and ovals to be some premium shapes in architecture design.

Today the architecture design is more diverse than it has ever been before. Modern building materials and construction techniques make it possible to realize virtually any architectural concept and idea. That is why we have now so many buildings, which impress and astonish with the unusualness of their forms, complete deliverance from the dogmas and prejudices about how an office building, a residential house, or a city museum should look. In our today’s showcase we wanted to focus on the modern architecture, where oval shapes are in the spotlight. Looking at the pictures of such buildings, one can really lose the feeling of time, because many of the architectural masterpieces, we display below, really look like they came from the far future times and civilizations…

Alone in the white by Andrea Hübner

Curvature by Andreas Levers

Latte Macchiato by Matthias Haker


H&I by Norbert Löv

The only exit by Martin Krätzschmar

Metropolis by Jens Fersterra

Columns by Matthias Haker

8 by Andrey Levchenko

Spiral up by Izidor Gasperlin

BMW World Munich by Julian Harteis

Chocolate and milk. by Hans Findling

World.of.lights by Johannes Heuckeroth

Code Red by Michael G. Magin

Snail by Stefan Knierim

Doppelhelix by Dennis Gerbeckx

Trainstation Liège – Guillemins -2 by Feldman _1

British Museum by Andreas (Андрей) W.

Théâtre baroque by Sven Fennema

|2| by Nils Eisfeld

Dolat Abad Garden by Mehran Ostovari

Circus of circles by Sven Fennema

With drive by Harry Lieber

Lotus Temple by Tomasz Wagner

Omega by KPK

St.Louies Arch by Anand Chandramohan

Geometry by Julia Savchenko

Oval office by Sven Fennema

Nordstrom by Benjamin Becker by Johannes Heuckeroth

Lines and Curves by ELAMBERT Philippe

High Museum of Art by Jonathan Hillyer

Sydney, Opera House by Mauro Marzo

Portraits of Architecture by Sergio Muscat

Architecture in AMSTERDAM by Matthijs Borghgraef

Shapes & Columns by Andre Peniche

Structures by Heiko Waechter

Architectural Photography by Diana Bodea

Mother Ship by shige

Columns & Light by KPK

WinterLight by KPK

Up, to the light by Jan Gravekamp

National History Museum London by Jan Gravekamp

Hourglass by sbird

The all seeing eye by Guass

skyward by zuhsalu

From beneath… by Claude ROZIER-CHABERT

Cooling Towers by Holger Droste

Threesome by Sven Fennema

Spiral of loneliness by Sven Fennema

Close to freedom by Arnaud Montagard


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