Daily Inspirations no. 125

We live in the world of contrasts; and when we say so, we mean not only color contrasts, such as black and white, but we also mean the contrasting shapes, textures, and emotions on the long run, which we face around us on a daily basis. If you look at the photographs we have brought to you today, you will notice that contrasting color is a vivid and prominent, though not always key element of an image; often it is rather an auxiliary graphical means to highlight and emphasize the contrast, which lays a bit deeper than the color itself. Black and white, smooth and sharp, young and old, funny and scary, sweet and bitter, loud and silent – there are so many contrasts in the world around us, and each of those contrasts is important, for it is the contrast that helps us to better understand the true meaning of the things and even life itself.


Smooth by Primo Tacca Neto

Filsan Storm Shot by Dirckx Lieven

John Malkovich 01 by Sandro Miller

Chocolate by Gonzalo Corrado

Remix Jamaica by Gonzalo Corrado

Anisa In Winter by Eugenia Kyriakopoulou

Metl by Eva Kolenko

Bite by Jose Beut

Beauty by Stefan Bourson


Se dibujan tuits Vol. 3 by El Grand Chamaco

Squiky by Mnk Crew

Special Soccer Player 2 by Sakiroo Choi

Sham_graphics by Konrad Kirpluk

Me in Wonderland by Grzegorz Rutkowski

POPWATER by Cris de Lara

Rapunzel Afro by Alperen Kahraman

3d Arts

Red Hulk Sculpt by Wesclei Barbosa

Toys by Kleber Darcio

Art and Digital Art

Enough for wearing – ADIDAS by Tomasz Wysocki

SlashTHREE – Déjà Vu ArtPack XI – artworks by Sorin Bechira


Typography, Type Treatments & Illustration 03 by Stefan Chinof

YWFT Herzog by YouWorkForThem

Neo Deco by Alex Trochut


UNHCR / ACNUR / CPR: Flood by DraftFCB

Levolor: Chair by Carmichael Lynch

Cannes Lions: Baby by Artplan


Fun Bedding Design by Lago

Conference Table/Office Desk Hybrid by Jovo Bozhinovski


M Bike Carbon Racer by BMW

Z906 TXH-Certified by Logitech


Typographic posters


Web Application Icons Set by webappers

Download Icons


Maniman (english version) by bitteschön.tv


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