Animal Logo Designs

Humans are only part of the Nature. Thus, all our life is tightly connected with other inhabitants of our Planet, and animals in particular. Throughout the long history of human civilization, animals played multiple roles in the life of humans: they have been totems, Gods incarnations, food sources, transport means, friends, helpers, and just pets for us. So, it is not a surprise, that today the images of animals are commonly used in such industry as logo designing. Animals have distinct symbolic meanings, for example, a cat is associated with the comfort, a dog – with loyalty, an eagle – with dignity, a tiger – with strength, etc. That is why animal logos and those specific messages their designers wanted to share through the graphics are easily perceived, interpreted, and understood by people. So, now let us just enjoy the best examples of animal logo design we found on the net.

De La Comforta by Sergey Babenko

ayvi by alexmark

Childhood by alexmark

HUMA by nitish.b

Billy Turf by Mikeymike

Elle Bee Fashions by Jerron Ames

Laura Wolf Photography by cerise

charge… by nido

Mobi Sock by Sean Heisler

Birdy Blacksmiths by peanut

Copenhagen Wolves Gaming by Matt Kauzlarich

Bebocean by wizmaya

DODO pizza by Sergey Babenko

Feathers & Fur by lumo

Zoofix by Spectrumology

MrPoro by Misona

Hippo Tubs by strangeideas

Fetcher by Type08

Catch-Record-Release™ by CreativeNRG

Happy Lama by Gal

SaltyDog_V1 by Mikeymike

Ugodno by JRF

White Rabbit (v.2.1) by Sergey Babenko

Inveni v2 by lalohead

Zoomania by ru_ferret

mojito by Mateusz Turbinski

Moovers by Alan Oronoz

FireBird by EBrown

Hootie and Sqweaks by Mikeymike

Buzzword Studios by Jerron Ames

Antarctica by A. William Patino

Taenzer by swiss_cheese

AnimalsToday v1 by Mike Erickson

Lioness by Gal

Animal Nest by rudobrody

Nulaz by andreiu

Flashbug by nitish.b

Someday by Mikeymike

Maths bug by firebrand

Chicken Shack by Mike Erickson

Skyward Consulting by Siah-Design

Texas Longhorns Hockey by grigoriou

Tusker UPD by Sergey Babenko

PetWise (TM) by Bart O’Dell

Zoomania by ru_ferret

Insomnia lab by urbansicc

Shutterbug by Jerron Ames

Timberwolves by Mike Erickson

Moshi by birdcreativeworks

ChickenScratch by Brandsimplicity

Creative Atelier by vudstok

Dogcat by vasvari

CodeFish by mabu

Green Monkey Tea by strangeideas

EMEU by forfun

Pacer by LaPalida

Cowbra 2.0 by mister jones

Lightswitch Brand & Motion Design by dwit

B by A. William Patino

Wool Online by BigAl67

Sheeple by jenlogo


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