Hong Kong – The Pearl of the Orient

Hong Kong – The Pearl of the Orient

The Pearl of the Orient – this nickname of Hong Kong is, perhaps, the best characteristic or definition for this Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. By the way, the name of the city, actually, means “fragrant harbor” in English. Today, Hong Kong is one the most densely populated areas in the entire world, and this place is really a pearl or even a precious pearl, which embodies the quintessence of the culture of the Orient, its people, traditions, arts, and legacy. If you have never been to Hong Kong, let us travel there, at least virtually by means of the Internet and the gallery of Hong Kong photographs, we are displaying today at Cruzine.

Hong Kong has much to offer to its visitor. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to transmit the scents and fragrances over the Internet to recreate the true atmosphere of Hong Kong in full; so let us just enjoy the visual images of Hong Kong with its fantastic colors, powerful contrasts, and attractive forms. Being the hub of many transportation routes, Hong Kong also seems to be a place, which is located right on the intersection of different cultures, style, and even time epochs. The city harmoniously combines modern architecture with the traditional temples, and this creates a very special, unique, highly saturated, and diverse type of urban environment, known as Hong Kong.

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