Daily Inspirations no. 123

The tenth of March… At a first glance, it seems to be an absolutely ordinary day. However, if we look back into the history we will see that many notable events occurred on this day: in 1535 Bishop Tomas De Berlanga discovered Galapagos Islands; in 1862 the USA issued first paper money; in 1876 the first phone call was made; in 1970 Barbara Streisand recorded her “I can do it”; finally, many famous people were born on March 10, including Sharon Stone, Chuck Norris, Timbaland, and even Osama bin Laden. So, you can see that even seemingly ordinary day is actually a very notable day in human history. Thus we know exactly that on March 10th, 2011 somewhere in the world something important will happen, a new talent will be born, a new song will be written, and a new picture will be painted. Who knows, maybe even our today’s gallery of inspirational images will motivate some creative soul to create a masterpiece that will eventually become a valuable contribution to the world heritage of design, illustrations, typography, or digital art.


New York 1 by Simon Stock

Waterfall by George Kamper

Bend by Martin Baitinger

Dancer by Sandro Miller

Erica Miramontes by Sandro Miller

Caterpillar Boots 4 by Sandro Miller

Dancer Jumping by Sandro Miller

Warmth by John Fedele

Exploding Bottle by Jonathan Knowles


Duel by Peddy Clarissa

Artwork by Rob Scotton

Artwork by Matei Apostolescu

Sophie Sees by Aly Fell

3d Arts

Lady Finwë by Pascal Ackermann

Ring Of Many Connections, Rivendale (3D) by Carl-Mikael Lagnecrantz

City of Gods by Dimitar Tzvetanov

Art and Digital Art

Break The Silence by Alvin Adriano

Discussing Carrots by Kris Van Beek

Painting 2 by dilka bear

Selected editorial (1) by Neil Webb


The Collection | PART 2 by André Beato

STRIPES font by Mauro De Donatis

Handmade | Digital by André Beato


Leap Studios: Chance by Leap Studios

Lexum European Eye Clinic: Octopus by Leagas Delaney Prague

Pepsodent: Chicken by Lowe


The Lobster Chair by LUND & PAARMANN

Nirvana Bathtub by Bathroom Tomorrow


DARWINmachine by Pure PC

Treepods structures by Influx Studio




MySecret 10 icons by Artdesigner

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Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography by Jacob Gilbreath


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