Wood Art – Modern Forms of the Traditional Material

Wood belongs to the most beloved, if we can say so, materials for artists. Of course, we got used to houses, furniture, some interior decorations made from wood, but artists often use it to create the most unusual and unexpected wood art creations. With the thousands of years of wood application everywhere in human life environment, now it may seem impossible to find and reveal some previously unknown quality of this natural material. It looks like we know everything about wood. Though, let us not be so confident about this. In the gallery below we will show you wooden art works, which fascinate and excite with authenticity of shapes, unusualness of combination with other materials, and actually the specificity of wood applications.

Of course, wooden furniture is familiar to all of us, but with this showcase be ready to see some really interesting wooden furniture designs and solutions. Wooden toys offer another opportunity for admiration. A guitar made from wood may seem to be pretty traditional, but not this time – the wooden guitar we have in this gallery is pure art. Finally, we have several art compositions or installations, featuring wood and different wood-related items, which can demonstrate you some of the alternative trends in art with all their conceptuality, symbolism, and even surrealism. So, enjoy the wood art showcase at Cruzine!

Nuzzles™ – Wooden Typographic Puzzles by John Christenson

Ply Laptop Case by Brian Kelly



Cayman Bass by Onodrim Custom Guitars

Laptop stand by Lesha Galkin

Washbasin “Aqua Vita” by Ekateryna Sokolova

CHAIR FOR FSC by Kamilla Lang Betak

Dialogue Installation by Sasha McCune

Bamboo laser longboard by ARO / Christian Schupp

Kokeshi Dolls by Violeta Hernández

WINK CHAIR by Mike Neumann

Arc Chair by Tom Raffield

Furniture Design by Chris Ferebee

Dolls Love Story by Queller Four

The Cubic Warriors Series2 : The Frog & The Cat by Alongkorn Sanguansook

Woodenicnoc by icnoc

Design table “I’m woodworker” by Clab4design

Autumn Rocker by Natalie Pan

Wood Book by Pedro Sousa

Like Touching Star Dust – Wall Art by Diogo Machado

WALNUTI – 4″ Wood Toy by pepe by smallstuffstudio

Black and white chair by Abhijeet Kumar

PEARBLOCK & PEARDEER Wooden Designer Toy Concept by smallstuffstudio

Ani+ by Sofia Santos

508 – Squares by Kristin Claeys

Mandala/snakess01 by Mauro Fuke

Contour Bowl by Thomas Pavitte

Stitched chair by Jules CAIRON

Annemarie O’Sullivan by Into The Woods December 2010

Oversized Handcrafted Wooden Glasses by Laura Cornman

Baskerville Font promotion and CD Case by Daniel Annett

Reception by Kirill Vitkovski


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