Revolutionary @font-face Kits for Web Fonts Embedding

The progress and evolution of web design is tremendous. Even though the official specifications of HTML5 and CSS3 have not yet been released, web designers can already make use of many benefits the new era of web design promises. Let us take web fonts embedding, for example. Now you can easily implement any font you like into your web site without any complicated Java scripts or heavy Flash roll-overs. With @font-face kits, font embedding is now a matter of only a few clicks and couple of minutes of your time. These @font-face kits come fully prepared for web embedding – all you need to do is just download your favorite font kit, unzip it, and follow easy-to-understand instructions provided.

To make things easier, Cruzine offers you today a collection of free @font-face kits you can download and use in your web design projects. By the way, each of the presented below @font-face kits already contains all the necessary converted font files for cross-browser compatibility as well as the sample CSS code to make the entire trick working. We did our best to choose only the high-quality @font-face kits, efficient in both functional and decorative aspect – aesthetic function of these web fonts is distinct though it does not compromise legibility and ease of visual perception of the text on the web. So, enjoy the collection, pick and download you favorite @font-face kit and bring the innovation of web font embedding right to the frond-end of your website. Now this can be done in a really quick and easy way.


Yanone Kaffeesatz Regular

Bellerose Light:1.0



Bedini Bold Italic

Androgyne Medium

Champagne & Limousines Bold

Sansation Regular

Tin Doghouse Italic

Y2K Neophyte

Ogilvy Poster

Cardiff Bold Italic


Free Serif

Avdira Bold Italic

Unispace Italic

Yiggivoo Italic

Aller Bold Italic

JaguarJC Bold


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