Cityscapes – The Monuments to Human Creativity

The theme of cityscapes, which are actually nothing but city portraits, is among the favorite themes for photographers. However, in spite of its wide popularity, every cityscape always looks fresh and remains interesting for the audience. Even if we see many pictures of the same and familiar places, such as the streets of New York, every picture, if it is an artful and creative photo, will still be able to reveal some new and previously undiscovered aspects, colors, and angles. Furthermore, photographers do their best to choose the best timing and location for making pictures of the cities. As the result we can see really magnificent and impressing views of the cities at night or bird’s-eye views of cities and towns.

Each country has its own scales for differentiating cities as a particular type of settlements. Usually, the total number of population defines whether it is a city, a town, or a village. Interesting to note that there are about 2.5 million cities around the globe. What’s even more impressive is that each of them has its unique face, just like all the humans have unique faces. The cityscapes usually reflect the history, legacy, and evolution of people who live at a particular area. Architecture, streets network, trees and parks usually define the appearance of a city, which is reflected in the cityscapes. We have selected many city portraits today. Maybe you’ll recognize your own city in this gallery, so let us know by commenting below the article.

Hong kong noir by Jens Fersterra

Rain in Paris by Jinna van Ringen

Won’t You Save Me, San Francisco? by Jinna van Ringen

New York Skylights IV by Maria Netsounski

Berlin by Matthias Haker

Paris by Andreas (Андрей) Wecker

Hi Teck Elk by Taras Khlibovych

Bad times by Andreas (Андрей) Wecker

Amsterdam Rails by Jinna van Ringen

Alexanderplatz by Jens Fersterra

Emperor’s Canal by Jinna van Ringen

Pegasus by Thomas Lottermoser

Cityscape by Andrey Permitin

La Havana, Cuba by Maria Pavlova

Golden City by Jinna van Ringen

NYC Diptych II by Thomas Ritzerfeld

Story of Osijek by Vladimir Zivkovic

Urban & cityscapes by Kevin Saint Grey

Bleak City by Charles-Etienne Pascal

Cityscapes by Akos Major

Nightlines by Kim Høltermand

My City: Lyon – France by Stephane Suisse

Cape Town by Jakob Wagner

Crossing Queensboro Bridge New York City by Matt Mawson

Prague by Natalia Ilina

Television Tower by Dima Stukalov

City of colors by zardo

London City Lines by Marcin Stawiarz

Hong Kong Rush Hour by Marcin Stawiarz

Lights in the fog by Robin Holler

Moscow 2 by Andrey Kudryavtsev

Tunnel street by Rafal “Fifek” Bigda

New horizon by Nadav B.

Ghostland by Dogan Kokdemir

Rio de janeiro by polvodestrellas

Paris – La Defense by Marcin Stawiarz

Amongst Giants by Alisdair Miller

City Hall I by Matthias Haker

Chicago- Foggy Loop Skyline in B&W by Doug Siefken

Cefalù II by Philipp Klinger

Sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan, New York City by Andrew Mace

Doha – The Morning Mirage by Daniel Cheong

Rio de Janeiro by Ruy Barbosa Pinto

Building’s dancing in the clouds by Laurent MALBECQ

San Francisco Flyby by Trey Ratcliff

River of Gold | Bangkok by Igor Prahin

Golden horizon by Eric 5D Mark II

Day . night by Eric 5D Mark II

Palace of Justice, Brussels by Ben Heine

Burj Dubai : 6h11 am by Daniel Cheong

San Francisco Skyline by Lee Sie

Metropolis by Raqeebul Ketan

On Kismet and Karma by Terra Kate

Gondola In 60 Seconds, Venice by Matthew Howarth

Cuba Gallery: Italy / Venice / Rialto Canal / natural light / vintage / night / photography by CubaGallery

Salk | Kahn by Lev Tsimring

Leap of Faith by Jeff Lewis

The City of the Pharaohs (CAC) by Rafael Clares

We are giants by Enjo Mathew

Défense by Buffo

Streets of Silence by Alisdair Miller

After the rain by Hideyuki Katagiri


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