Silhouettes – Reality and Mystery Combined

Landscapes, portraits, street photography, tattoo – actually, we have already published tons of interesting and inspiring showcases at Cruzine, demonstrating the richness and diversity of the art of photography. But today we still have something very special to share with our readers – silhouette photography, a very interesting and specific form of photography art, which provides enough space for the imagination of both parties: a photographer and the audience. Pictures with the silhouettes against the evening or early morning sky impress with the beauty and some certain mystery, hidden in the dusk and dawn shades.

Indeed, when you see only a silhouette on the picture, your imagination is activated to reproduce all the invisible parts of the composition. Thus, a person turns from a passive observer of a photograph into an active participant of the art process, which does not end with the click of the shutter of the camera. So, welcome to the gallery of silhouette photography – the gallery, where you’ll see the amazing outlines of the trees and people against the bright sun of the African savanna, the shapes of some strangers exploring the tunnels in the light of the torch, and many other examples of silhouette photography, where reality is enveloped with mysteriousness and enigma.

Children of the Underground by Ilya Denbrov

Physical Graffiti by Konstantin Gribov

Photo by Mihail Kopychko

Sunset at Safari by Ludmila Yilmaz

Friends by Mitia Chtchavleev

North sea by Max Bondarenko

On the hill by Stefan Neuweger

TWO ASCENDING by Yanto Effendi

Why don’t cats fly? by igruh

Dream by Hengki Lee

Meeting sunrise by Vadim Trunov

Floor #III by Alexander Rentsch

Untitled by Ruslan Sitarchuk

Pack by Sergey Smolenko

Beach games silhouette by Matt Thompson

Cityscapes and silhouettes by Jasper James

Silhouettes in the City by Florent Puaud

Sea silhouette by Fernando Gonzale

Silhouete by João Penoni

Silhouette Of Love by oO-Rein-Oo

Silhouette by JumpyMonky

Silhouette by RauchBleich

Silhouette by Slamet Abdullah

Trampoline Silhouette by Theodore Kirby

–silhouette– by Dyxtreme

Seashore, sunset and the fisherman by Bruno Jesus

Stag belling under the sunrise by David Garnier

Up by Izidor Gasperlin

Cobblestone street by barbara

The River Styx by barbara

[ the stormy girl ] by Riccardo Romano

Natural puppet theatre II by Adomas Svirskas

Nocturnal silhouette in the rain. The photographer. by Ferran Jorda

FLYING-OVER ROCK by Alessandra Meniconzi

Jaisalmer by Barbara Orienti

Millhouettes by Philipp Klinger

Nature . Beach . Sea . Lighthouse . Landscape . Sunset (Vent de Sud) by Tiquetonne2067

Cloud Nine by Sarah Lee

Clean up by Ahmed Shiham

Shooting sunset by Eric 5D Mark II

The Strength Of The Human Spirit. by J.T. Noriega

The night is lighter than it’s hue by Fernanda Prestes

I don’t care if tomorrow ever comes by John Mueller

Frisian Horses by Wally Hofker

I’LL RUN TILL I FINISH THE RACE by Maggy Buenaventura


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