Daily Inspirations no. 120

It is spring now; and spring itself is a very inspiring season, which is full of bright sun, vivid colors, enthusiasm, and life energy in general. Isn’t it inspiring to find the first snowdrops appearing under the snow and to see the first yet shy but persistent green leaves growing on the trees? The blue sky and the crystal air seem to be overfilled with joy, happiness, pleasure, and the Nature is ready to share all those best emotions and inspiration with everyone on the Planet. We understand clearly that competing with Nature is pointless, so we just want to enrich the inspiration you will find everywhere around you with some more sources of fresh design ideas, images, trends, and creative techniques. At Cruzine you will be able to find what you’ll hardly find in the park or near the lake: the creative works of photographers, illustrators, digital artists, web designers, and advertisement gurus, which are also a good source of fresh design-related inspiration.


Photo by Petri Volanen

Photo by Stian Holmen

Photo by Werner Bollmann

My work by kseniavioline

Photo by Robert G. Bartholot

China Girls by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Gisele Bundchen by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Photo by David Orias


Artwork by Pedro Henrique Ferreira

Artwork by falk2021

Artwork by Rob Scotton

Artwork by Matei Apostolescu

Leniwiec “The Road” by Michal Dziekan

Fuel first of 2011 by Mattias Adolfsson

KING Magazine – Guiden Till Mannens Åldrande by Carsten Oliver Bieräugel

3d Arts

Yippee Ki Yay! by Chris Davidson

Prawn by Vladimir Minguillo

Bagle Bagle by Gravity

Art and Digital Art

Pumpkin Art by Erica Laszlo



S-Kate by Alex Trochut

DXTR – Illustrations 2010 by DXTR

Seven by Alex Trochut


Westcliff Shopping Centers: Mannequin by Publicis

CIC Banque Transatlantique: Forest by Australie

Purina: The Dog by Publicis


Chairs by Predrag Vidovic

Bright Swedish Cabinets Collection by A2 Designer


NEOS by Daniel Munnink

Agera R by Koenigsegg




Basic Icons Set 2 by pixel-mixer

Download Icons


Manifesto Fragments Part 1 by TENDRIL


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