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Though we all wish to keep step with the time and use all the conveniences, offered by the modern lifestyle, a great amount of people still express keen interest to numerous things from the past, which are commonly categorized as retro: for example, retro furniture, retro cars, retro movies, retro music, etc. What is so special about retro things, that is capable of attracting the attention of not only collectors and antique dealers, but many ordinary people as well? Let’s be honest: even today, in the era of hybrid cars and iPads, would you refuse to have a ’69 Camaro SS in your garage or the original Marilyn Monroe poster on the wall of your living room? Definitely not… because there is some mystique power of attraction and charm in all the things classified as retro.

Well, Cruzine is a design-related magazine, so we cannot speak for the classic cars, but we can speak for the classic visual designs for sure. Today, we have prepared a collection of retro illustrations, mostly posters and commercial graphics, to share with our readers. These graphical illustrations were created in the pre-digital era, and that makes them significantly different from the digital art of today. Manually created, these illustrations look really true and sincere, even lacking the perfection of lines, colors, and that striking naturalness and 3D effects ensured by modern illustration techniques… However, maybe that’s the key secret of retro illustrations – they were created manually and thus they remain the pure results of human imagination and skills with no artificial additives involved.

Avant Garde by kuki

Retro Disk by Ralf Krause

Whistler 2010 Retro Posters by James Tuer

Posters, prints, illustrations by Dirk Petzold

Posters from the new Century by Moustafa Khamis

Rakkaus Koneisiin by Emil Bertell

Radke Retirement by Charles Ross

Briki by Sofia Papadopoulou

Retro Toy Packaging by Dave Hile

Technicall – is this tomorrow? by Tomas Muller

Various Illustrations by Lydia Lys Selimalhigazi


Home Truths by Sam Bevington

Colorcubic Encompass Print by Colorcubic

Vermont Matters by Jeremy Payne

KIDS GUIDE by Joan Chito

Graphic Pin-Up by James Tuer

μπόys lάβ vintaζ by kuki

Aburridoman by Jaime Mora Reyes

Editorial Illustrations by Jeremy Payne

Robots and Rockets by John Golden

Old school gamer by Stanislav Romashkin

Morfologia de un sueño, for a day like today. Collage digital by Javier Eduardo Piragauta Mora

Red Bulletin magazine cover by James White

Uno de cada diez dentistas recomiendan chicles con azúcar by kytaipon

Parkinson’s disease – Enfermedad de Parkinson by Randy Mora


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