Mountain Trains – Symbiosis of Industry and Nature

Mountain Trains – Symbiosis of Industry and Nature

At Cruzine we publish daily some interesting photography showcases, demonstrating multiple aspects of human lifestyle, culture, social and personal relationships, historical heritages, etc. In our showcases we have already touched upon the theme of trains and railroads as the most vivid symbols of the industrial revolution. Also we had many stunning photo galleries published, where mountains were at the key focus. Today we decided to display photographs, where these two incredibly interesting elements meet: mighty trains, created by men, and magnificent mountains, created by Mother Nature.

Mountain trains photography offers an exceptional and unique combination or better to say fusion of two pretty much different phenomena. A train, surrounded by monumental mountains, forms an interesting contrast to the virgin nature landscapes, revealing some special kind of aesthetics, where the peculiarities of both, nature and a train, are underlined. Mountain trains symbolize the passion of a human being to discover new lands, face the new challenges, overcome the obstacles, and eventually win the battle… Trains and railroads bring some urban element to mountain sceneries, and this makes the composition of the mountain train photographs even more interesting and unique.

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