Daily Inspirations no. 118

Daily Inspirations no. 118

A creative idea without inspiration is like a fancy car without fuel in its tank: the vehicle can be of ultimate design and it can be fully equipped with multiple top-notch gadgets, but if it has no fuel, it simply won’t start. Same with creative ideas – human brains can generate literally any idea and the imagination can even create the visual image of the final creation easily; however, if a man lacks inspiration, the idea is in huge risk of remaining unrealized. Imagination often works like some invisible yet almost physically tangible force, which makes us move and perform the actions necessary to transform an idea into some physical object or creation. That is why, people, especially, of those professions, where a creative or artistic component is essential, are always in search of fresh sources of inspiration. The world itself offers a lot of inspiration, but sometimes we do not have time to travel to interesting and inspiring places or to visit art galleries for inspiration. Fortunately, the Internet makes hunting for inspiration much easier: at Cruzine you can easily travel around the globe and enjoy the landscapes, portraits, paintings, illustrations and other samples of the digital art without leaving the comfort of your home.

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