Free Movie Fonts – If Fonts Could Be Nominated for Oscar

Today, when all the Oscars of the year 2011 have just been presented to the best of the best in the movie industry, and the red carpet of the Kodak Theatre still remembers the glitter of the dresses of Hollywood celebrities and flashes of the cameras, we decided to take up the atmosphere and present at Cruzine the collection of the best movie fonts, available on the web. Actually, the success of any movie today is the result of many people’s work, including dress, decorations, visual effects designers, and, of course, font designers, who develop the graphical design of each movie title, which commonly works like a logo for the film itself. Movie fonts are always ultimately representative, unique, and distinct. Many of them have become widely and easily recognizable: the fonts from the Star Wars, Terminator, or Pirates of the Caribbean are just some examples to mention here.

Alice in Wonderland

Resident Evil

Caribbean Regular

Jurassic Park

Lion kinG

28 Days Later


Harry Potter

Terminator Real NFI


007 GoldenEye

Ice age font


Mars Attacks




Hellraiser 3

Burton’s Nightmare 2000



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