Jamaica – Out of Many, One People

Jamaica – Out of Many, One People

Bright sun, alluring beaches, the carefree sounds of reggae, full-flavored rum, warm-hearted people with dreadlocks on their heads – what other symbols of Jamaica do we know? Speaking generally, what do we know about Jamaica, this small island of only 234 km long and 80 km wide in the Caribbean Sea? Unfortunately, whatever you read or hear about Jamaica will hardly help to feel the true atmosphere of this land of joy, multiple talents, love, and achievements. Jamaica is small in size, but it is boundless in terms of the inspiration it has always given to people, living or visiting it. Only in music sphere Jamaica presented the world with reggae, mento, ska, dub, dancehall, and raga music.

Though we cannot bring our readers directly to Jamaica, we can still open a few windows in the virtual space and with the help of visual images teleport you to the sunny and happy Jamaica. The pictures we have included into our today’s gallery, featuring Jamaica, represent all the diversity of the island with its exceptional natural beauty and, of course, unique people – Jamaicans, that deny all the glamour of the Western cultures, and still irradiate some primeval, sincere, and pure aesthetics, thus remaining in harmony with themselves, the nature, and the Universe on the long run. As Robertino Loreti once sang: “Giamaica! Giamaica! Sotto il tuo bel cielo tropicale voglio vivere e morir”, which means “Jamaica! Jamaica! Under your beautiful tropical sky I want to live and die”…

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