Daily Inspirations no. 116

As a wise man once said, all the different forms of art serve the only and the greatest art ever – the art of living. Indeed, whether it is a painting or a lyrical poem, an art work always tries to deliver some knowledge to us. Great landscapes on the photographs or paintings show the beauty of the Nature and thus teach us respect and love the environment, where we are not the only inhabitants. Some artists devote themselves to the social or street photography to reveal some drawbacks of the modern society and help people learn the art of kindness, generosity, and mutual assistance. The art of portraits highlight the beauty of a human body, but it also reminds clearly that body itself is faceless without a soul inside. Illustrators and caricaturists represent and bring fun to the art, teaching the audience to relax, enjoy the life, and be happy on the long run.


Photo by elendill

Photo by Alina Valitova

Photo by Vlad Dumitrescu

Photo by Vlad Dumitrescu

Lucky Monkey by Tom Hussey

Portfolio by Iain Crawford

Vietnam by David Terrazas

Snow Monkeys Nagano Japan by Ron Gessel


Mr. Bunbuns by Ben Hickling

Period of Darkness by Timo Vihola

Museum of planets by Ioan Dumitrescu

The Crows Parliament by Juan Parra

Man from Atlantis by Marc Daniel Goecke

3d Arts

Coffee Time by Pedro Conti

Why so serious? by Mohamed Raoof

Hawk of the hills by Nikita Veprikov

Art and Digital Art

The Metro Experience – Print Ads by Morris Pinewood

Sona el Poal by Medusateam

35th Street Series – 2003 by Mario Corea Aiello

ART & ILLUSTRATION by Murray Kimber


Attila Szamosi Illustrations 2009 by PEACHBEACH

Pivenka by Branislav Sandala

Better Typography 2010 by Steff Geissbuhler


Shivam Handloom Deep Sleep Mattresses: Tiger by McCann Worldgroup

Orange: Sports are moving in by Publicis conseil

Café Tainá: Don’t Sleep, Prisoner by Giovanni+Draft FCB


Graphic Shelving System by LagoLinea

Juicy by Angelo Tomaiuolo


Optimus Pad by LG

EliteBook 8460p by HP


Typography Deconstructed


Art Toys Vol.2 by fasticon

Download Icons


Ferias no Brasil by Javi Devitt


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