Tattoo Masterpieces: the Fusion of the Primeval and Modern

We change, but we still stay the same…

Originating from time immemorial, from Neolithic and Paleolithic eras, tattooing still remains popular and wide-spread in the modern evolved and high-tech world. In different times it served different purposes, from identification a person’s social status or belonging to some social group, to purely aesthetic function, as we may often see it today. Considered by the contemporaries to be a decorative body modification, tattooing lived through the periods when it was treated as an inherent and absolutely necessary body marking, as well as through the times, when it was thought to be a pagan and evil activity.

The real breakthrough of public tattoo perceiving and the greatest change in its significance for the people of the 20th century was made when Janis Joplin, one of the greatest rock musicians ever and practically the first woman in this music style, got a wristlet and a small heart tattoo, created by Lyle Tuttle. Thus, since the beginning of the 70s of the previous century tattoo is widely accepted as a form of body art, and the tattoo masters are said to be real artists. Although some negative associations concerning tattoo still exist in our society, and many of them are quite reasonable, people nevertheless believe that this type of body modification is worth of admiration if it is the aesthetics, beauty, and genuine art that the creators of the pictures on the human skin want to display.

Our today showcase offers you the diverse examples of the true tattoo art, which is created with the intention to beautify a human body and to show the skills of an artist.

Old school never die by Ernesto Olivera

El placer y la belleza como subversión by Paula Pire

Henna by Jayson De Leon

Technicolor by Ludovic ou Ludo

My Joy [Odile 16] by Christine Lebrasseur

Dones per la pau by Sergi Bernal

166/365 by .ar(t)kadas

Tatoo2 by Fabio Atui

Sanhugi ~ Tattoo Art Fest 2010 by Cath Schneider

Tatoos, cigarrettes, leather and Rockabilly by [Kantor]

Jules is Back by Noor +

29/365 Bokeh: Tatoo of my Friend by Eileen Photographer

Calaveras Mejicanas by patantattoo

The Mask of Life! by Brian O’Mahony

Photo by Gustavo Andres Perdomo Morales

Expo Tatuajes 2009 by Carlos Galarza

Eva by Jah Pedro

Wedding preparation by Khuong

Seconda pelle – Polynesia Tattoo by Simone Tramonte

Legs by Aeon Jones

Tatoo by Mikhail Seleznev

Tatoo by Denis Suhov

Danny Blunt by Michael Craft

Sakura by Cocktailshaker

My finished tattoo by Romain Deviseg

Newt10 by Dan Hazelton

Rat by CraftzBerlin

Cherry Blossom Back piece by Sim Schoeman

Symbolism by Todd F. Jerde

I’m written underneath. by midnightINK

Day of the Dead Best by Carl Grace

The softest canvas by Richard Rasner

Tree by rob1095

Muscle Armsleeve TaT 1 by 2Face-Tattoo

Robotix by midnightINK

Realistic nails tattoo by Carl Grace

Eye by wilsonrl1978

Big Koi Fish by Chris L. Vargas

The Black Tatto by Angela Alvina

Calavera Microfono by Máximo Lutz


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