Daily Inspirations no. 115

Being an artist is, actually, synonymic to being a dreamer, isn’t it? Indeed, for an artist everything starts with a dream, and eventually it ends up with turning that dream into a pretty real piece of art work: a painting, a song, a poem, etc. Artists dream about creating some unique and earlier unknown shapes, color or notes combinations, some fancy aesthetic patterns and authentic designs; at the same time, they also dream about showing seemingly usual, common, and well familiar things from the absolutely different angles, thus revealing some peculiarities and zests no one noticed before. Such dreams lead artists to creating art works so diverse that they can impress and even shock with yet undiscovered capabilities of human imagination, vision, passion, talent, and skills. Daily collections of inspirational visual works at Cruzine are entirely about dreaming and ways of turning those dreams into reality.


Birds Of Paradise (book) by Gaby Herbstein

TRACTION by Yulia Gorbachenko

S e n s u a l by Joanna Kustra

Rock by Alena Nikiforova

B o h e m a by Joanna Kustra

Red Shift by Ivaylo Petrov

Madrid by David Terrazas

Close-up by David Terrazas


Death by Ben Hickling

Heliopause by Florian Renner

Ride the Wave! by Timo Vihola

SUPERHERO for IANIMATE school by Jose Manuel Fernandez Oli

“Gazeta” Newspaper by Sergey Nikolaev

3d Arts

Business People by Yum Yum

Abduction by Steven Hägg-Ståhlberg

Demon by Fabricio Moraes

Art and Digital Art

Carslberg Exploding Orb. by Jean-Michel Massey

Form minus Function by Paul Hollingworth

Pastels portraits by Jenny Meilihove

My ghosts by Helena Pogreb Carter


(RED) Negative Beats Positive by Ian Wright

Typographic Experiment by Bobby Haiqalsyah

Garamond Powerline by DANIEL ADOLPH


Terra Sonora: Mix Your Music, 2 by DDB

MFW: Singer by DDB

Heal the Bay: Watch by RLR Advertising


Versatile and Creative Fireplaces by Flying Cavalries

Modern Armchair by Art of Origami


Valar media tablet by MiTAC

i4 by Infinyte


ZAC Fashion Photography


Places Of Interest by iconka

Download Icons


The Saga Of Biorn by The Animation Workshop


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