Contemporary Design – How Does It Look Like?

We live in a world of technology and, probably, there is no person in the universe that would not know what a table or chair is. We live in the environment filled with houses, cars, museums, architectural creations, furniture, and other different objects that surround us in our life. It would be difficult for us to imagine living without all of those helpful and beautiful things. All the objects, that we enjoy while using or observing, have their designer who created them. Some design creations might seem strange, others might seem beautiful, and some might be even astonishing to us. Of course, an artist and an observer may perceive those creations in different ways, because each of them interprets the same visual images in their own personal ways.

The time period we currently live in is characterized by a particular style or design in architecture, art, or paintings, which is commonly referred to as contemporary design. Its key distinguishing features are simplicity and cleanliness. However, it does not mean that the simplicity of contemporary design makes it boring; it rather takes the route of simple lines and puts away all the strange details that might be present in the other styles, such as deconstructivism, for example. The simplicity of the contemporary design has two important features: color and texture, which are capable of changing the appearance of the entire work. The traits of the contemporary style can be found in many forms of modern art from painting and sculpture, and to architecture, interior and to furniture design.

In painting, sculpture or ceramic art contemporary style may seem strange, not understandable or even clueless at all to the eye of an ordinary person. Some passerby may even say that it is something confusing, or that the artist was not good enough to draw something better, or that the art is too complicated for an ordinary person to figure out its composition and message. Perhaps, the most frequent question to hear from visitors of contemporary art galleries would be “what does this painting mean?” Though, there are people, who may not understand or like contemporary art, the most important part here is that this specific style or design reflects the particular time, when it exists.

In regard to the contemporary design in architecture, this style is mainly followed when designing modern buildings. In architecture, contemporary design is not something strange as it may appear in paintings, but rather something amazing and astonishing by its beauty and uniqueness. Many of such great architectural designs are publicly used as museums, office centers, athletic centers, or some other buildings that are used by the social communities.

Nevertheless, there are also many examples of households and private dwellings, built in accordance with the best traditions of contemporary style. Some people might not even know that their place of habitation belongs to contemporary design samples, while for others it may be a personal well-considered choice to design a house in this style.

There are about six core elements that play an important role in contemporary design. Those are: color, metal, texture, wood, lighting, and rug. Lighting plays a significant role, because its purpose is to highlight the particular objects in the entire picture of the house. The color should not be very explosive, but rather neutral. When metal is used, it should be nickel, chrome or stainless steel to make even yet distinct lines. Texture creates the atmosphere of warmness and comfort inside of a house. As for the wood, contemporary designers tend to use pine instead of oak. The final element of this design style, which underlines the full picture, is rug that unites all the constituents of a particular design project together.

All those elements complement to create one piece of work, which is sweet and comfortable for people to live, but also which is beautiful and amazing for others to come in and enjoy the company in it.

Contemporary design is quite popular in our time, because we are literally surrounded by it. However, there are many art forms like paintings, sculpture, architecture or ceramics, where contemporary style may seem strange and even extremely unusual to us. Still, simplicity, the most important feature of this design, is called to fill a particular item with beauty and comfort. In association with other elements of contemporary style, such as neutral color and distinct textures, such simplicity makes contemporary designed objects beautiful, awesome, astonishing, and appealing. Indeed, every piece of art has its own greatness and strangeness; sometimes it just takes time to understand the real value of it…

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