Simplicity is the Best Policy

One of the challenges of logo designing is that it should combine two seemingly opposite values simultaneously. On one hand, design of a logo should be vivid and rich to be able to capture the attention of the audience, but on the other hand, logo should be as simple as possible in order to be clearly recognizable and easy to remember. After all, everybody knows the wise saying, claiming that simplicity is nothing but the ultimate level of sophistication. In addition to definite artistic values of a simple logo design, it is also a very effective and successful way to represent an organization or a product. Indeed, most of world known brands have simple logos. So, why don’t we use the available experience and get some inspiration from the existing simple logo designs?

Securex by Raja

raja – amaze by Raja

Direct Carbon by Raja

AIDA by Michal Ozorowski

Symbol by helvetic brands

Symbiotiq by helvetic brands

S by helvetic brands

Bridge by helvetic brands

Fingerprint by helvetic brands

Shell by helvetic brands

OZO by helvetic brands

Symbol by helvetic brands

Map by helvetic brands

Chipwerker by helvetic brands

Triangle by helvetic brands

Colorkite by helvetic brands

Brokers by helvetic brands

Phusion by helvetic brands

Nenlü by helvetic brands

Iteration by helvetic brands

Kites by helvetic brands

M by helvetic brands

Loudcloud by helvetic brands

Inksect by OcularInk

Flutterfly by OcularInk

ERL monogram by OcularInk

Roostar 2 by Mike Erickson

ego v2 by Mike Erickson

LogoMotive mark by Mike Erickson

Apparel by Mike Erickson

egov3 by Mike Erickson

REDFOX by Mike Erickson

EmpireMarketingv4 by Mike Erickson

NS MArk V2 by Mike Erickson

owl mark by Mike Erickson

AT ver2 by Mike Erickson

Old drunk by Mike Erickson

DotGang by Mike Erickson

FOXHOLE by Mike Erickson

Mouseloop by Mike Erickson

smARTFOX by Mike Erickson

pozpix v2 by Mike Erickson

datpixel by Mike Erickson

EAGLECTRIC by Mike Erickson

VALCOM by Mike Erickson

Radio Connection by Mike Erickson

Logo mark by OcularInk

Sourcing Factory 1b by Bojan Stefanovic

Avantida by Bojan Stefanovic

Stellarrow by Bojan Stefanovic

New Bilebo Symbol by Henric Sjosten

HS Monogram by Henric Sjosten

Transport by helvetic brands

Shared + letters i o u by helvetic brands

NR by helvetic brands

> by helvetic brands

ML by helvetic brands

ML by helvetic brands

FIDO computers by Raja

First Rate by Raja


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