Photo Manipulations – Get Ready to Discover the New Shapes of a Human Body

Photo Manipulations – Get Ready to Discover the New Shapes of a Human Body

Human imagination and creativity is never static; it is a dynamic process, during which an artist absorbs all the inspiration offered to him by the Universe in order to translate real world objects and phenomena into the visual images, using the universal language of art. However, this language is constantly evolving reflecting trends, aesthetic preferences, and technological innovations, specific to a particular time period. For example, today we can see a specific form of digital art, described as photo manipulation. So, we have decided to dedicate a separate Cruzine showcase to this novel form of art and present our readers with the selection of human body photo manipulations.

The pictures below offer a new glance at the human body. Of course, all the images are conceptual and surreal, but they do reveal the boundless capabilities of artist’s imagination and technical means for photo processing. These images are filled with the true beauty of a human body in combination with the mystique character of the surreal and conceptual art. These photo manipulation pictures seem to have something in common with the works of Salvador Dali – every image consists of a great number of elements, which may look illogical and irrational if treated separately, but once all the elements are put together into an integral composition – a fantastic world appears: unreal yet attractive, rich, colorful, and wise.

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