Daily Inspirations no. 113

We live in the world, where physical objects are tightly interconnected with certain non-material or incorporeal phenomena. Ideas and inspiration are examples of such non-material world representatives. Indeed, both an idea and inspiration are invisible and we cannot feel them with any of our sense organs. Though there is hardly a person in the world, who would deny or question the existence of ideas or inspiration. Actually, any idea is nothing but the very first stage of anything; it is the beginning of all our deeds and creations, while inspiration is the key motivating force that helps a human transform an idea into a particular object or action in the physical world. Art is perhaps the best example to illustrate the process, where idea is born in the mind of an artist, and then cherished and raised to eventually become a mature and pretty much tangible art creation: a picture, a song, or a poem


Truth And Dare by Elias Wessel

Luxurious Beauty by Carsten Witte

Still Life Photography by Hungry Tiger

Photo by Norbert Wu


Photo by Artur Celes

Photo by Michał Karcz

Photo by Leszek Bujnowski


Artwork by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach

First Dibs by Christian San Jose

Old biker by Denis Zilber

Dominance War 4 War Machine- The Infinite by Michael See

Nightmare by Bobby Chiu

3d Arts

Bladerunner by Oliver Wetter

FutureGirl 01 by Franz Steiner

Selfillumination by Andre Kutscherauer

Art and Digital Art

Cookie hoez madls by Jason Jacenko

Les maisons qui volent by Jacques Resch

Elastic by Edi Go

Compilation by yo az


ANKER by Rauf Yasit

The Makeover Issue by silperse

AN ARTIST by Wilson Lee


SteelSeries: Dragon by BBDO

Photoshow: Pictures rescue memories by 3d’esign communication

Starobrno: Armies, 3 by WMC/GREY


East Hotel by CL3 Architects

Loom Pendant Lamps by Benjamin Hubert


Maserati Grancabrio Sport by Maserati

HTC new Smartphones by HTC




Adobe CS5 Glass Dock icons by artdesigner.lv

Download Icons


Hooked by Character Matters


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