Geometry Fantasy

Geometry Fantasy

Object size and shapes, relative positions of different objects within the space as well as the properties of that space – these categories clearly belong to the sphere of geometry, one of the branches of mathematical science. However, these are not only geometricians who are interested in lines, circles, spheres, squares, and rhombuses. Geometrical figures have always been a source of inspiration for many artists, trying to explore the aesthetic component in the world of geometry. Experimenting with multiple shapes and combining them in the unbelievable yet attractive manner, often denying all the theorems of well-structured science of geometry, artists managed to reveal another feature of geometric shapes, namely their potential in being one of the most flexible and diverse material for creating true art.

The fusion of multiple colors, different shapes, and textures produces literally fantastic designs, represented in our today’s showcase. It is difficult to find some definition that would suit all the works presented below, but such diversity only underlines the artistic value of each work. Most of these creations have distinct signs of symbolism and especially cubism art movements, once introduced and glorified by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, and the entire constellation of other representatives of the conceptual art movement. The creations, such as those in our showcase, excite the imagination with unexpected color combinations and visual images, awake the creativity, and arouse the desire to reconsider the traditional art concepts.

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