Beer Labels – the Unexpected Art Medium

If you think that art can only be found in the galleries, museums, and art exhibitions, be ready to reconsider this because we are here to show you that art can, actually, be found literally everywhere; sometimes even in the most unexpected places, such as… on the beer bottles. Well, why not? Why cannot a beer label be an example of visual art, if it was created with inspiration, conceptual design, fine aesthetic feel, and distinctly expressed message to those, who will spend a couple of seconds observing the label before opening up a bottle and shifting the attention from the container to the content?

Just consider the fact: after water and tea, beer is the most popular drink on Earth. Having a very long history, dating back to early Neolithic or about 9500 BC, beer eventually has turned into something more than just an alcoholic beverage: a particular cultural environment has been formed around beer. Of course, beer labels just like October Fest in Germany or pubs in Ireland are among the distinctive and core elements of the beer cult (in its positive and appropriate meaning, of course).

Today, the collections of beer labels from different time periods or different countries can be used to illustrate people’s likes and particular beer preferences, specific to a particular place or time. Now we want to share with you such kind of a beer labels collection. Diversity is, perhaps, the only generalized description for the beer labels we have in the showcase below. All of them are really different in design: from minimalistic to fancy, and from old style to contemporary. At the same time, all of them proudly express the great heritage of the unique taste and drinking tradition beer has always had and still has to offer to us.

Lade Gaards Brygghus by FRANK.

BierBank / graphic conception for unfiltered beer by Fuerzza

Forgeron ale by Pavel Gubin

Broken Bones Brewing by Dustin Joyce

La Perle by Chrystel Jung

Lovells Lager by Mikey Hart

Bear Republic Brewery by Katie Riffle

Packaging / viru beer by Dan Mikkin

Schremser Naturpark Radler by Michael Paukner

Ostravar – product identity by Touch Branding

Brilliant by Martin Schmetzer

Hawthorn Brewing Co. – Pale Ale by Matt Portch

Goolman Beer by Arthur Krupa

White Rabbit Brewing by Braincells

A Stout Beer by Fernando Palma

Brøckhouse Brewery by Morris Pinewood

Pembroke Craft Brewery by Gary Head

BEER by Wim Bens

Sterling Lager by Thomas Gillett

“Wolfas – Engelman” Porter beer label design by Ignas Kozlovas

Bryggmästaren Easter Brew by Morris Pinewood

A Brazilian Beer by Fernando Palma

Bear Naked Ale by Martin Schmetzer

FEST by Peter Bian

Dos Equis Lager by Colectivo Astro

Freak Show Brews by Sarah Bina

Packaging Design by Anne Mauser

Mexican Beer Label Cerveceria Hacienda by Andrew Rose

Brand Identity Design: Mayflower Brewing by Lynn Spooner

Lacplesis dzintara beer by Kristaps Rozitis

Black Stump Lager by Scott Kirkman

Kingdom Pilsener by Ipang Bangsad

Ale Satan Package Design by Ethan Bennett

Label for beer “Golden Ring” by Olga Titova

El Gallo Brewing Company by José Barrientos

Carling Black Label by Richard Fraser

Xirdalan Beer Label by Shamil Ramazanov

WEST Azimuth 270 by Iain Frame

Beer label by Maxim Braga76

Flagstaff beer by Kristina Westberg

SÏPA Beer Label & Booklet by Svante Nilson

Beer “Slawjanskoe” by Mygema

Beer label designs by Morten Sørensen

Italian beer by brandzigners

Les Angles et demons beer by plastikkcomau


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