Moscow Calling…

As any other city with the global importance and influence, Moscow is a city of contrasts. You cannot describe it with one word, phrase, or even paragraph. Moscow is like a huge collage made of small pictures, each representing some tiny yet important and unique element of the city organism: whether it is grandeur architecture, rich cultural heritage, or diverse social society atmosphere. Today’s showcase, devoted to Moscow, reveals all the diversity of the city: you’ll see the sceneries of the monumental Red Square, which remains one of the globally recognized symbols of communism; the pictures of shiny and glassy business centers are mixed with industrial districts; and young Moscow beauties are shown along with poor people, struggling for their ideological views.

After many decades of isolation, today Moscow may look like Terra Incognita for many foreigners. However, thinking that the city did not evolve or change during that time would be ultimately incorrect. Moscow did evolve and now it grows even more rapidly than ever before. The only thing to note is that Moscow follows its own unique way of evolution. This way is neither better nor worse in comparison with the ways, chosen by London, Paris, Berlin, New York, or Tokyo – it is just different. And that makes Moscow a unique city with distinct authenticity, charisma, and unique environment.

Moscow at Evening by Andrey Belenko

Moscow State University Eclipse by

Moscow Burn by Dave Pyle

Moscow #7 by Alexei

Moscow Metro by Matan Rochlitz

Moscow Underground by Tommaso Manzi

Moscow by Peter Gutierrez

Moscow by Peter Gutierrez

Moscow. 6737 by Ron Brinkmann

Moscow traffic by

Moscow night photo – City 2 by Vasily Kuznetsov

Moscow light by Casey

Tchaikovsky concert hall, Moscow, Russia by Alex Senekin

Moscow State University skycrapter by Earth Hour Global

Moscow State University main building by D_NV

Hotel Ukraine at sunset by Andrey Permitin

Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed by Ivan S. Abrams

Moscow metro #2 by Anna Zavileiskaia

April Snow in Red Square by Joel Aron

Moscow lights by Andrey Permitin

Red Square, Christmas 1988 by Simon K

Smoke on the tower by Nicolas Monnot

Putsch 1993 by Laura Ilyina

Moscow Cancan by Anna Zavileiskaia

Cute boy by Irina Fedina

Moscow by Peter Gutierrez

Rush Hour by Minkel Cedeno

Rainy Red square by Misha

Arbat str, Moscow by Irina Wernbacher

Always Coca Cola! by ISIK MATER

Winter time by Alexander

Cityscape with skyscraper construction at sunrise by Dmitry Mordolff

Walk the talk by Walai Monstar

Moscow Night Lights by Nickolas Sushkevich

High Times by Cyrill Kuznetsov

Frozen by Vladislav Ponomarev

TANKGIRL by Thomas Holtkoetter

The Moscow blizzard by Elfa

City by Andrey Ulyashev(Mercand)

Moscow Bus by Barry Peril

The New Moscow by Alexander Trushkin

The epoch conflict by Anastasia Osminkina

Winter Landscape 2 by Dmitry Gotskin

Welcome to Moscow by Nikolay Sotskov

The fourteenth by Igor Chikhirev

The golden Arbat by Roman Laletin

Untitled by Maria Nekrasova

Untitled by Evgeniya Makeeva

Restive wench

Tour by Natalja Mistukova


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