Daily Inspirations no. 109

The end of the working week usually brings relaxation and anticipation of the upcoming weekend. However, it may also bring inspiration for doing what you like the most, but not always have enough time to devote to during the week. Cruzine will help you to receive a fresh charge of inspiration if you are fond of design. Indeed, if you love design, you do not limit it with the working time; and you never know when the Muse is about to appear. Visit the gallery of inspirational works, representing photography, digital art, typography, advertising, video, and web design, now without hesitation. Who knows, maybe among these pictures you’ll find the key to unlock your own creative potential and get enough motivation to produce some stunning visual work of your own design.


Photo by Markus Reugels

Photo by Markus Reugels

Photo by Sven Fennema

Photo by Arnov Setyanto

Photo by Liliana Karadjova

Photo by Artur Celes

Landscape by Martin Rýz

Photo by Martin Rýz


Life is a magic by Dopludo Collective

A little bit of Folklore by Ei Ka

WITH… by Saddo

New Illustrations by Raul Allen

Building by Stijn Felix

Windows and Magnet by Sergey Nikolaev

3d Arts

DURACELL PRINT by Nicolas Lesaffre

3D Illustrations-Commissioned and personal work by Teodoru Badiu

3d foo foo by Jonathan Ball

Art and Digital Art

Desktopography 2010 by John Mark Herskind

Ilustración 2010/03 by Dmitry Ligay

Senor Blanco Custom Toy Show by Mauro Gatti


Merry by Stefan Chin2off

Life in 2050 by Transmission

Love by Unknown


Aquafresh: Bunny by ACW Grey

Polish Humanitarian Action: City by Scholz&Friends

Little Stars Pavement School: Platform by Bates 141


Mystique Resort by Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Luxury Home In Mexico by Arquitectura en Movimiento


Audi ‘s carbon fiber prototype skis by Audi

Umeox Apollo by Umeox




Very emotional emoticons 40 smilies by artdesigner.lv

Download Emoticons


Mighty Antlers by The Animation Workshop


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