Daily Inspirations no. 108

In the incredible hustle and bustle of the routine life we often forget about beauty. Trivial worries grasp us, everyday troubles eat us up, never-ending problems occupy our souls, leaving no space there for peace, calmness, and steadiness. Stop draining yourself, get a breath of fresh air, and find some time to feed your vitality and vigor for living! The inspirational set of 33 images offered to you by Cruzine today is here to inspire you to live the full life, not only resolving the conflicts, but enjoying the living and having fun! The cheerful pieces of this inspirational set will help you raise your spirits, the meditating ones will sooth your mind and body, the serious and thoughtful images will awaken a philosopher in you, and all of them together will distract you from the possible negative aspects in life.


IDENTITY by Jeffrey Wang

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps – Posh by Nadia Moro

Never Go Back – NEO2 by Nadia Moro

SUNGLASSES by Sebastian Szwajczak

Die Hard by LazyAnt

Bill Cramer Photography by Bill Cramer

Indian Princess by Manoj Jadhav

Beauty magazine by PetOrly


Let’s Rock by Rubens Scarelli

El Gran Mago by Rubens Scarelli

Globitos by Gabriel Mourelle

Ilus by Gabriel Mourelle

Coloring Work 2 by Pacman23

Portraits by Marco Calcinaro

Caricatures 1 by Marco Calcinaro

3d Arts

Projects not selected by Nicolas Lesaffre

3 X 3D by Jonathan Ball

Robots by Jonathan Ball

Art and Digital Art

SEVEN by Giga Kobidze

Depthcore XL – Mythic by Raphael Vicenzi


Katra by Stefan Chin2off

Paris Barcelona by Unknown

Thank You Very Much by Unknown


Milkaboom: Butterfly by Doberman Studio

Mercedes-Benz BlueEFFICIENCY: Lizard by BBDO

Batelco Directory: Hotel by FP7/BAH


Scholl residence by Studio B Architects

Kara chair by Marc Sadler


Citroen E-3POD by Citroen

Rinspeed BamBoo by Rinspeed




Green Emotiocns Icons set by Visualpharm

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MATTER FISHER trailer by Moth


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