Africa… Incredible Africa

Being a cradle of the human civilization, Africa has a very long history. However, among all the other populated continents, the all-changing wind of time seems to pass over Africa, leaving its face mainly unchanged for centuries or even millenniums. While the territories of Europe and America changed rapidly and significantly under the influence of civil and world wars, industrialization, globalization, and a whole bunch of other “…zations”, Africa in its largest part remained unchanged, protecting its uniqueness, genuineness, and authenticity in every aspect of life from nature to social relationships.

How does Africa look like today? Actually, everyone will see Africa in some particular deeply personalized way. For a Western tourist, Africa will appear as an exotic land with beautiful beaches of Tunisia and Morocco, mysterious pyramids of Ghiza, virgin nature of Kenya, or industrialized megalopolis of Cape Town. However, to those, who were born and raised in Africa, the continent reveals its true faces: sometimes beautiful as paradise on Earth, but other times – dangerous and frightening… Indeed, there are many faces of Africa, and all of them are different… still incredible, attractive, and inviting. Indeed, Africa is incredible, and you cannot see this, but you have to feel it…

ZULU by Milan Josipovic

Quick Portfolio by Micah Albert

Masai Land by Gabi Guiard

My Africa by Emanuele Nardoni

Athens – Cape Town by Chris Dot

Burundi – Great Lakes Region by Jan Schmidt-Whitley

Going home to Sudan by Rune Toldam

Africa: Kenya & S. Africa by Donald Ford

Hazabe, Tanzania by Nacho Lopez Fuentes

Images of Kenya by Robin Moore

Africa by Russell Kostner

Birqash ~ Egypt’s largest camel market. by Tommy Hannon

KENYA/LIVING IN THE BUSH part3 by Speranza Casillo

Stolen moments from Africa by Marc Levine

Eastern and Southern Africa by Dillon Marsh

Desert Ways by Sorin Rechitan

African Sunset by Ludmila Yilmaz

Drakensberg in South Africa by Ivan Vtorov

Saharian Night by Sorin Rechitan

Nakuru gold by Nikolai Zinoviev

S-curve by Nikolai Zinoviev

On the lookout by Nikolai Zinoviev

Please, help me get down! by Nikolai Zinoviev

This is Africa. by Jose Ferreira

African Prayer by Ernest

My goats by antekm

Red Desert by Claudia Leverentz

The Classroom Window by Brant Slomovic

The Story of Africa by Andre du Plessis

Life in the trash by Jose Ferreira

Father and son by Nikolai Zinoviev

Free them all… by Gilles Bonugli Kali

Africa is Home by indrema

Scarification in Africa by Anthony Asael

Road Block In Africa by Victor Borst

Kids in africa by Jerel Navarret

The Pinnacle by Nokdar


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