Sincerity and Talent Expressed in Drawings

Sincerity and Talent Expressed in Drawings

Graphite pencils, ink, crayons, or chalk are commonly used instruments for the artists, sometimes referred to as draftsmen. Drawing (do not mix it with painting) is a particular type of visual art, stemming back to prehistoric times with their rock and cave drawings. Today, drawing as well as other traditional forms of visual arts is greatly influenced by rapidly developing digital arts with their immense tools, enabling an artist to realize literally any of his creative ideas or concepts. However, the popularity and esthetic value of drawings still remain high, especially among the fans of traditional art.

Actually, hand-drawn pictures, made with the help of a pencil or crayon, possess something you’ll never find in digital art works. Maybe it is the energy, which is transferred from an artist to his work directly without being blocked by soulless computer. Looking at the drawings, such as those, presented in the showcase below, you may feel some specific atmosphere of each work, filled with distinct emotions, sincerity, honesty, and, of course, talent of a creator. Genuineness and uniqueness of drawings really attract and fascinate. Even if you notice some slightly imperfect strokes or shades on the picture – you’ll never treat those as flaws of the work. Instead, those are nothing but the true evidences of work, created by a human in a human way.

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