Lamps for the Comfort of the Interior

What are the constituents of the comfortable interior? Functional layout, modern appliances, convenient furniture, attractive window curtains, and, of course, properly designed and installed lighting system. Actually, lamps in the interior serve both functional and aesthetic purposes: they provide light for comfortable living while being an essential part of the entire home design concept. The variety of lamps available today may impress even the most sophisticated customers and home designers. From Victorian shades to hi-tech LED lamps and to lamps, featuring futuristic and complicated design – one can find literally any lamp out there to fit a particular interior or application.

Cruzine wants to show design in all its possible aspects. We do not want to limit it to web design or digital illustrations only, because design is, actually, a very universal notion, having a lot to do with fine art. Have a look at the showcase of lamp designs we want to share with our audience today. Many of these lamps feature such revolutionary designs, that the border between their functionality and aesthetics vanishes, resulting in the perceiving of such lamps as true masterpieces stemming from the most advanced engineering and designing techniques.

Snake Lamp by Cristiano Giuggioli

Lucciola by Desislava Sredkova

Led Lamp by Giacomo Lorenzon

Fence lamp by Oleksandr Shestakovych

Monolith by David Gonçalves

Discover lighting by Designstudio Spell

Sarus Desk Lamp by Matthew Bradshaw

Trunk by Dima Loginoff

Curl my light by Dima Loginoff


Todd Bracher Lamps (work in progress) by Billy May

Calla lamp by Chiara Daniele

Arm Lamp by Dario Cavaliere

Odyssey by Designstudio Spell

VEGA LAMP by Alice Rosignoli

Omlamp by Tembolat Gugkaev

PB Lamp by Dario Cavaliere

Rubik’s lamp. by Eric Pautz

Gluttony by Luis Luna

Sinthesya by D’

Screw Me by Jonathan Rowell

Torn Lights by Billy May

Typo Lamp by László Sándor

EQUILIBRIUM by Nuno Teixeira

WARM Light by CreativeAffairs

Touch your light by Sylvain Bienvenu

UFO lamp by Nuno Teixeira

Light Drop wall lamp by Rafael Morgan

The Camus Floor Lamp by Palette Industries

PALA lamp by Nuno Teixeira

Pli by Julien Bergignat

CLOVER LAMP by Alberto Sanchez

G19 by Yar Rassadin

Atan – lamp concept by Anton Kozhevnikov

Lighton by Jinwoo Han

Eclipse Blindness by Vitaly Munirov

“In” Lamp by Katherine Semenko

2009 – Criminal Desk Lamp by Sébastien Maleville

LAMP BLESS YOU by Dima Loginoff

Table lamp with integrated function of ionizer by Olga Kalugina

Turbine Lamp by Niels Grubak Iversen

Zierlabs Sputnik by Shane Crozier

Lamps by Jacob Early

Clamp suspension lamp by Enrico Zanolla

Shine Birch Lamp by Katherine Semenko

O! lamp by Denis Belenko


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