Toys – the Educating Entertainment

The immense industry of toys production will always prosper for sure, because there is nothing a parent would not do if his child asks him; furthermore, if it is only about buying a new toy, which for many of us, let’s face the truth, is often the easier way. Toys existed always. It would be fair to say they reflected the evolution of the society and level of the cultural development of the human race at every particular period of its existence. These days toys are so sophisticated, ingenious, and technically stuffed that sometimes even parents themselves have hard times figuring out how they should function. Another fascinating and undeniable fact about toys is that they are of great interest not only for kids, but for the grown-ups and even for the home animals too. That is to say, toys have no age and even species limits!

Cruzine magazine is not an exception in its interest to the toys. That is why today we want to present you a gallery of images dedicated to modern toys, which vary from authentic handmade and paper toys to mass-produced diverse and colorful plastic and stuffed “plush” toys. Photographers and designers chose to make them the main element of these images; however, the background of some photos also matters here – it explains and proves all the above said about those things humans and animals have admired, needed, and used for millions of years, the things, which are capable of entertaining and teaching at the same time.

Life… by Alexei Cyganov

Bukake on the roof by Refisul Nevermind

*** by gobotoru

Caravan by Dmytro Bagaiev

Motor Grader by Sam Scholes

Gotcha! by Alexander Molchanov

Toy Sea by Eugene Onegin

Toys by Andrey Shilov

Toys by Alexandr Nikolenko

Where are you go? by Suta Wijaya

Yum Yum Toys Series 1 & 2 by Yum Yum

Plastic Toys by Andreas Krapf

Custom Toys 2010 by LouLou & Tummie

DOPLUDO identities & stuff by Dopludo Collective

Hello Oldskool Tributes by Newblack

Paper Craft by Castleforte

Custom BOXY by Mike Friedrich

Ape-Paper collection! by VinsArt

MIKE by Filippo Perin

Customised Toys by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Schergen Regular NR.1 & NR.2 – dust by The Dirty Cream

BAG_BOY by Filippo Perin

SCHOOLY_DOG by Filippo Perin

ROYAL ELASTICS toy + shoe collaboration: HOMOGENY by Bluddy Blouson

Papertoys by Loulou and Tummie

FILTER017 TAXI RODY by Filter017

Plush-Plush! by Floksy


Autopuppet by Djordje Cukanovic ChuDes

Playtime Wooden Toy by Alberto Cerriteno


Extinct Toys by Josh Finkle

Gorgox by Kit Lane

Custom Toys by Mar Hernandez

My action friends by Johann Volkmer

NadaOne’s Art Toys by Nada One

Robots, Chevaux et Esprits-Saints by Nicolas Ménard and Pierre-Nicolas Riou


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