Following the Traditions of Surrealists

Oscar Wilde once made an interesting statement: “No great artist ever sees things as they really are, if he did he would cease to be an artist.” Maybe that explains why so many artists tend to distract from reality, transforming the actual objects into some intricate, often absolutely surreal, images and shapes… At the same time, we, the viewers, in order to decipher the message, coded by an artist, often need to follow a reversed cognitive procedure, finding links between imaginary signs and reality.

Unbelievable, incredible, and surrealistic images by the modern creative and unconventionally thinking artists are within the scope of the below showcase. Creation of most of them was inspired by the ideas of surrealism; so let us remind a few quick facts about this particular art movement. Having appeared in the second decade of the 20th century and being deeply influenced by Dadaism movement in arts and philosophy, surrealism most important center has always been Paris. However, the movement quickly gained multiple advocates and admirers and thus spread overseas and became popular around the globe. And actually, there is nothing strange about it, as the main feature and goal of surrealism is to surprise, catch the audience, and fascinate people with obscurity, incomprehensibility, and mystery. Even if a surrealistic art piece seems easy to understand, that understanding shocks foremost.

Surrealism movement and ideas deeply penetrated and greatly influenced further development of literature, music, cinematography, philosophy, and even politics in the 20th century. However, surrealism is, first of all, about visual images, which is exactly what interests us – editors and readers of Cruzine magazine. So, let us enjoy now the works of modern illustrators, armed with digital tools and inspired by the glorious legacy of surrealism.

Drug Free Zone by David Fuhrer

Atutiplen by Jerico Santander

Paintings by Jonathan Bergeron

Recent paintings ( 2010 ) by Seb NIARK1 FERAUT

Surreal in Mind by Michael Vincent Manalo

La Couveuse by Eli Tiunine

The long road by Celine Artigau

Сloudwatcher by Larisa Glushakova

Tee-Fury by Alex Fuentes- Los Fokos

Previous Art (set1) by Alex Fuentes- Los Fokos

Illustration & Drawing by Julia Sonmi Heglund

Various illustrations by Pole Ka

Lush by Nik Ainley

Paintings by David MacDowell progress by Diamante Murru

Spring Melody 01 by Alberto Cerriteno

Desaturate by Luca Genovese

Revenge of the Ninja by Alex Fuentes- Los Fokos

Darwinamic by Sam Werczler

Hermetic Art 03 by Alex Andreyev

Gluttony by Thomas Fuchs

Year of the Bull & More Illustrations by Archan Nair

EVE’AREA by Dawid Cmok

Tomorrow after yesterday by Monnet Laurent

Extraction by Félix Ajenjo

Pokerface by Martin Grohs

The music nature by Jerico Santander

A Separate Reality 04 by Alex Andreyev

Own World by Jerico Santander

A Separate Reality 02 by Alex Andreyev

A Separate Reality 06 by Alex Andreyev

Red Apple by David Fuhrer

A Separate Reality 01 by Alex Andreyev

Alice in Wonderland by David REVOY

Concrete 7 by Xueguo Yang

The remains which live by Keisuke Asaba

“Can not prevent it, but there is no need to prevent it” by Ryohei Hase

Colours in the Dark by Daniel Conway

The Octocrown by Brian Despain


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