Daily Inspirations no. 103

We are here to share with you the highlights of the recent design-related news and freebies, explore interesting web resources, discuss latest trends in design, and display tons of inspiring works of photographers, digital painters, font designers, architects, and other representatives of visual arts. Portraits by Lance Dawes, extravagant photos from Madame Peripetie, sensual female beauty pictures by Henrik Adamsen, and other stunning works are included into this issue of inspirations from Cruzine. A man paints with his brains not with his hands. We can easily transform this famous quotation of the great Michelangelo into the following maxim: “a man perceives visual art with his soul not with his eyes.” So, let us keep our eyes and souls open and let the portion of new visual satisfaction in.


Casting By by Lance Dawes

Freak love triangle | umbigo magazine | portugal by Madame Peripetie

Romain Laurent by Romain Laurent

Elise by Henrik Adamsen

Wanda Seldon by Mariya Sabotinova

Free Competition by Dominik Smialowski

Last Room by Dominik Smialowski

Last Dance by Dominik Smialowski


Cook and waiter by Maxim Kostenko

Blue by Andy Fairhurst

Random by nook

Some for QUO by David de Ramon

The Zodiac by Giulia Ghigini

3d Arts

Behemoth by Søren Andersen

Dude (3D-painting-photomanip) by Manu Järvinen

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs Cover’ by Pedro Conti

Art and Digital Art

Virtual Chaos by Diego Bellorin

POP UP Campaign 2011 by Le Creative Sweatshop

Do You Remember When This World Was Ours? by Justin Mezzell

‘Subsidiary’@Signal Gallery by Russ Mills


curious-cat+ by Stefan Chin2off

Nike – 2010 by Jordan Metcalf

Nike AF1 25th Anniversary by Daisuke Sakaguchi


Segmento: Humanity and nature are one by Segmento

Studio Universal: Psycho by Y&R

Burjuman Luxury Shopping Mall: Catch of the Season, 3 by Tonnit Design


Wakeru by Jonathan Rowell

White Theory_Spring summer 2010 by VENTURY PARIS


Solar Wind bridge by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino

Ferox by Razer




Business Group by psdtemplates.com

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