Majestic Arctic and Antarctica: Introducing the Ice Kingdom

Majestic Arctic and Antarctica Introducing the Ice Kingdom

Unlike Arctic region, which consists of the Arctic Ocean mainly and some parts of the northern countries, Antarctica is a separate continent, magnificent and mysterious, which keeps lots of its secrets under a mile-thick layer of ice covering 98% of its area. Regions near the South and North Poles are sometimes called desert lands, but in spite of this fact, those areas have a bunch of inhabitants, including animals (for example, seals and penguins), tundra-like plants, and omnipresent microorganisms. They adjusted themselves to living in such harsh weather conditions as extremely low temperatures (Antarctica is the coldest continent in the world) and constantly blowing sharp biting winds. Moreover, the dangerous “ozone hole” is situated right above Antarctica, being as large today as the continent itself. No wonder, that this land of yet uncovered enigmas attracts special attention of many scientists from all over the world.

For the majority of people both Arctic zone and Antarctica (North and South Pole respectively) may seem almost like the never-found famous Atlantis – similarly mystique, unexplored, and obscure. On the other hand, for about 5,000 people, living throughout the year in Antarctica itself, this land is more than real with all its roughness, unfriendliness, and mysteriousness. Among those brave hearts, who took the risk of withstanding Antarctica and North Pole “hospitality”, there are many talented photographers. They travelled to the edge of the world in order to make it closer to us, more understandable and friendlier. Welcome our today showcase of the Poles, their cold beauty, splendor, and mightiness so vividly represented on the images taken by the enthusiastic creative photographers!

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