Daily Inspirations no. 102

In the world of art, inspiration is the beginning, talent and skills are the tools, and a masterpiece is the result. Remove any of the mentioned links from the chain, and you will destroy the process of art creation. While talent is a one-time gift from God, inspiration is what an artist needs to replenish again and again. Fortunately, there are many sources of inspiration today with internet being one of them. Cruzine has already become a favorite online destination for many designers, seeking for inspiring image galleries and showcases. And we welcome you to join our community as well. Today we have new resources to refill your inspiration: colorful and bright photographs, digital art and illustrations, font samples, some freebie, and a few examples of efficient advertising graphics.


Dream sequence by Madame Peripetie

Unearthly Creature of a Dream by Anna Dobos

Color Steps by Julia Galdo

Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere by CHRIS SISARICH

Swimcap by Olivier

Le Chien by Lee Towndrow

H2O by Romain Laurent

Forrest & Bob SS10 by Henrik Adamsen


Goliatus by Martin Nielsen

Profit motive has no conscience by Manu Järvinen

Diver02 by Olivier Thill

ShareOnePlanet_Can I be your little brother? by Wanchana Intrasombat

Small characters by Maxim Kostenko

Merry Chrimbo by Andy Fairhurst

3d Arts

A Fascinating Bloom by Soa Lee

Slaughter Demon DW4 by Martin Nielsen

Last Hope by Søren Andersen

Art and Digital Art

Romain Laurent by Romain Laurent

Artwork by Luis Gabriel Pacheco

Artwork by Christian Stoll


patience by Stefan Chin2off

Nike Work – 2010 by Jordan Metcalf

My Heart is bigger than your fist by BEN SKINNER


Land Rover Phone: Rescue by Y&R

Oxfam Vintage Fashion: Queen by RKCR

Monarto Zoo: Banana by Showpony


Ski slope power station by Bjarke Ingels Group

Ladera’s Residence by Barton Myers Associates


Canon EOS 1100D by Canon

PiCycle by Pi Mobility




Product Layout Free PSD by hv-designs.co.uk

Download Template


Der Konsument by Max Moertl


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