Daily Inspirations no. 100

While we always start our inspirational packs with photographs, we want to draw your attention to other parts of the gallery as well, such as digital art, visual advertising, or typography. For example, digital illustrations by Gianni Bellini, Stanislav Topchiy, and Luis Gabriel Pacheco are naturally perceived as the examples of fine art; and the works of these artists deserve to be displayed not only online but also in real galleries of art along with the masterpieces of the painting art heritage. By the way modern arts are much diversified. Along with the traditional forms of visual art, such as drawing or painting, today we can enjoy photography, video and film making, decorative art, interior and fashion design, web design, and many other art forms, which are primarily visual in their nature.


Photo by Denis Kulikov

Photo by Denis Kulikov

Photo by Bogdan Boev

Photo by Artur Celes

Photo by Danila Chervinskyi

Feels like Home by Marcos Calamato

Photo by Christian Stoll

Photo by Marcin Bera


Artwork by JONAS DE RO

Artwork by Adrian Borda

Artwork by Vsevolod Ivanov

Illustration by Reiko Gross

3d Arts

Fat Doorkeeper by Dimitar Kralev

Wizaard by Brajan Martinovic

Snake with mouse by Anna Celarek

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Christian Stoll

Artwork by Gianni Bellini

Artwork by Stanislav Topchiy

Artwork by Luis Gabriel Pacheco


GO-copy by Stefan Chin2off

Freestyle by Theo Aartsma

Nike – 2010 by Jordan Metcalf


Yalook.com: Fashion Faces, Replay by Futurebrand

L’Etudiant: Astronaut by Young & Rubicam

Land Rover Phone: Construction by Y&R


Italian Home Architecture by Andrea Oliva

Interior Decor Inspirations by Henzel


Acabion foresees elevated roadways by Acabion

Honda CBR250R by Honda




Simple Web Design Layout PSD by hv-designs.co.uk

Download Template


Year of the Rabbit by Frater


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With 30 years of life experience behind my shoulders, today I find myself focused mainly around two core values: my family (I am a happy husband and a proud father) and IT in its broadest meaning, including but not limited to hardware and software techniques and innovations. My special interest and true passion is photography. Here I am ready to put my signature under each word, once said by Dorothea Lange: “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” Being a part of Cruzine team, I enjoy instant process of learning as well as sharing my own experience in photography and IT with the readers of this digital magazine.