Heart-Shaped Logos

In the run-up to the Saint Valentine’s Day, we think our readers will be interested in some examples of heart-shaped logo designs. Generally speaking, humans have always treated the image of heart as a very particular sign, having a direct connection with the soul, feelings, and life itself. Apart of its core physiological function, heart also possesses significant meaning in heraldry and symbolism. Hence, there are so many examples of heart-featured logos, chosen to represent organizations, projects, movements, and communities, etc. Whether it is a medical facility or some online dating web site – heart can become a meaningful core element of such logo design project. We are publishing the collection of heart logos below to give you some ideas on how this heart theme could be developed in graphics.

Ke Fashion by Eder Saos

The Sweetest Days photography by Euan Mackenzie

2 Hearts by Oguzhan Ocalan

Valentino by Alana Dy

Bilebo 3 by Henric Sjosten

His Hope Uganda by Ryan Toyota

Heartbeats by OcularInk

Safe by Nadim Twal

Country Heart by Danyel Weideman

SMAS-SINTRA (4) by Pedro Taquelim

Polis Shop by Logo Diver

hogar de niños by akitash

Care Cruiser Golf & Gala by DOMOGENEOUS

LoopLove by Srdjan Kirtic

AT Zone by David Morgan

Unused Sun/Heart by OcularInk

Lovehook by Radek Blaska

Beeheart by Nabeel Ashfaq

Luvleo by Benjamin Kalic

Love Link by Tom Gamble

Eat To Cure by Denis Wong

Antonella by jimena_vabm

Fundación ADAR by The Box Design

Love clicks by Katharine Y.

Blissful Blog by David Morgan

Love to Eat by Katharine Y.

Match by Alan Oronoz

Sea Friends by Vibor Viskovic

Seeds of Love v.1 by Juan Camilo Rendon Alvarez

Hamburg love by junglebeats

Seeds of Love v.2 by Juan Camilo Rendon Alvarez

KNOWbyHEART by Steve DiGiacomo

Avocado by Yuka Highbridge

Cream Factory by Ervin Esen

LovingTheNet by Winger

Loveearth by Filipe

‘Heart’ – Line by Michael Spitz

Game lover by opos

Valentine by akinom11

Love 2 Design by Alen “Type08″ Pavlovic

WRITE LOVER by creatika

Beatlove by Josiah Jost

Love Systems by Ryan McMaster

Sex lovers by Brigada Creativa

Love Licks by Veep

NaturaLove by Iskender

Listluv by Veep

Complicated Love by Matto

LoveLabyrinth by ambilogo

LoveModule by voxsix

Love Idea by D-maker


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