Daily Inspirations no. 99

Daily Inspirations no. 99

It must have been the long cold winter evenings that gave the chance to our ancient ancestors to discover such thing as art. Before they discovered it, they had nothing to do but to passively rest waiting for the new day to come. When art appeared as a notion, it ensured more meaningful, interesting, and diverse spending of the evenings. A contemporary can enjoy reading books, visiting theaters or cinema, watching TV, and browsing the Internet during the winter evenings. Cruzine magazine has even more to offer to the visitors: here one can not only spend some time relaxing, resting and enjoying digital artworks of the others – he can also get inspiration for the successful realization of his own works and ideas. The special tool we offer is our daily set of inspirational images. These include photos (portraits, sceneries, etc.), fantastic creatures illustrations and 3D arts pieces, grotesque digital art examples, typography masterpieces and much more. So, enjoy!

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