Volcanoes – The Breathing of Earth

Volcanoes – The Breathing of Earth.

With the name originating from the name of a god of fire in Roman mythology, volcanoes have always been and continue to remain in the list of natural events, which can drastically and very quickly change the appearance of planet Earth and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Once active, most of the volcanoes are dormant today, but still keeping local communities on guard of the possible eruptions. Volcanoes are both beautiful and frightening: their energy is enormous, behavior – unpredictable, and consequences of eruptions – devastating. Still, there is a certain beauty in volcanoes. When dormant they seem to irradiate calmness and tranquility, but at the time of eruption – an entirely new face of a volcano is revealed: merciless and aggressive, but still attractive and even luring.

The pictures of volcanoes, especially during their eruptions, when clouds of volcanic dust shoot up in the sky, hiding the sun, and tons of burning magma burst from the crater to flow down the hill destroying everything on its way, are really magnificent. The mixture of danger, risk, and some primeval excitement – this is what you are likely to feel looking at the pictures of volcanoes we have prepared today. Indeed, the emotions may vary from person to person, but whatever you feel – we bet it would be a feeling in its ultimate intensity. Of course, here at Cruzine, we do not look at the volcanoes as at the potentially dangerous geological formations. We are trying to treat them in the so-to-say “artistic” way, being interested mostly in the variety of forms, colors, and shapes volcanoes can demonstrate to us… And from this very point of view we cannot stop being surprised of how amazing, powerful, and inspiring volcanoes can be!

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