Light and Shadow – the Eternal Opponents or Allies

Light and Shadow – the Eternal Opponents or Allies

Light and shadow – though having the same source and the same origin, they are always in opposition. Where light is – there is no place for shadow and vice versa. However, this confrontation is, actually, very relative, because the existence of the shadow is impossible without light; as we all know there are no shadows in the complete darkness… Shadows accompany practically any object on our planet – trees, animals, and humans – sometimes being just the subtle, almost indistinguishable shade, and sometimes gaining pretty distinct and well-outlined contours.

In ancient times people believed that shadows were signs of some divine presence around an object. Today, we know the nature of shadow as the optic phenomena, but in our perceptions shadows still remain associated with some mystery. That is why shadows have always been of interest to visual artists – painters and photographers. Many of them choose to illustrate shadows instead of real objects, producing very interesting, conceptual, and artistic works. Today we offer a showcase of shadow photography. People, actually, are often too busy to notice how different and interesting shadow effects can be. Photography is capable of “freezing” the moment and showing us the truth about many things on Earth, including shadows.

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