Ceramic Fine Art Showcase

Think about the word “ceramic”… What associations with this word appear in your mind? We bet that would be tea cups, plates, and other kinds of pottery in most cases. However, today we want to show you how different ceramic items can be – from ceramic iPod speakers to light installments and to interior décor elements… So, get ready to expand your perception of ceramics as mostly kitchenware, because many of the products you’ll see below can, actually, be placed into the fine art category and it would be fair and pretty much justified to use “ceramic art” as the description for such creations.

Of course, cups and plates remain the primary field of ceramic use; and today we are going to show how artful these common utensils can be. Uniquely shaped and skillfully decorated, such ceramic pottery would definitely add a particular charm to any kitchen interior. On the other side, porcelain clay is an example of extremely flexible material, which can gain multiple other shapes in the hands of a master: speaker resonators, ashtrays, lamp shades, clothes hanger… and this list can be continued endlessly because there are actually no limits for what you can make of clay.

TETRIS POTS by Stephanie Choplin

Art/Craft by Rebecca Ridsdel

Nuevas propuestas cerámicas by Revival

Ohm by Tomas Schneider

Business As Usual by Tomas Schneider

Calligraphy tableware by Inna Akimova

Porcelain modular design – mixed by Velichko Velikov

Washbasin “Iris” by Ekateryna Sokolova

Swollen Sockets: Wake Up! by Tomas Schneider

OKKO by Emir Rifat ISIK

White coffee service set by Klaudia Miczán

Calligraphic ceramics by VikaVita Lopukhiny

MÁSKA by Nautilos Shell

Cuelgame by Marc Graells

Jesus saves by Wyatt Little

Porcelain light object by Coby Schepman

Venus’ clips by Marc Graells

Washbasin “Vitamin” by Ekateryna Sokolova

441 Collection by Pseudo Republik

Washbasin “Fresh” by Ekateryna Sokolova

The Industrial Hand: Tableware Design by Heather Mae Erickson

Wall Hanger by Ionut Predescu

Cortado by Ignacio Pilotto

Japanese Inspired Ceramics by Leah Bowring

Ilumi by Fitorio Leksono

One,Two,Tree… by Studio Verissimo

Vase “Quill” by Manuel Estrada

Ceramics by Andrei Kedrin

Extruder by Iris Bouwmeester

Skate fails by Xavier Mañosa


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