Daily Inspirations no. 95

There is no other way for a person to live his life happily and successfully but to believe in himself. Only having a strong belief in his principles, strength, vital powers, and abilities to overwhelm and live through all the hard times, a person can succeed and make it to the end of this lifetime journey happily. Meanwhile, pacing the long road everyone needs a company or at least someone to share all difficult as well as happy times. We, at Cruzine, aim at supporting and feeding your creative powers every single day with our inspirational sets. Publishing photographs, pictures, illustrations, and design works, we aim to transmit a direct message to our readers: “You can do it. You can do it even better. Keep on going the way you have chosen, because if it is what you need, eventually it will make you happy!


Photo by alterego

Photo by fotosc

Photo by Henryk Lobaczewski

Coffe time by Egor N

BW nude by Alfred Weissenegger

Photo by Edmondo Senatore

Photo by Michał Karcz

Photo by Leszek Bujnowski


The Rock City by Sergey Skachkov

Illustration by Nathaniel Eckstrom

Glasses by SHAWNA X.

3d Arts

Flyingfish by Daniel Tapia

Evil Intentions by Petur Arnors

Red Ninja vs Blue Ninja by Peter Eriksson

Art and Digital Art

Found Object Assemblage Portraits by Zac Freeman

Bestiario by Francesco Sambo

Illustration by Florian Nicolle

Illustration by Amy Martino

Illustration by Iain Macarthur

Painting by Jeff Soto


Keep on by Like Minded Studio

Design work ’10 by Jessamyn Patterson

Get-On by Stefan Chin2off


Johnnie Walker: Manuscript of Insistence by Leo Burnett

Fabercastell Truecolours: Dachshund by Serviceplan

Karnataka Tourism: Chikmagalur by Stark


Concrete Walls Home by Tony Owen Partners

Penthouse Apartment by Craig Steely


Ferrari FF by Ferrari

Living Light canopy by Living Architecture Lab




5 Color Buttons PSD by Unknown

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Growing is Forever by Jesse Rosten


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