Daily Inspirations no. 94

Have you ever thought about the border or the difference if any between the true art in its traditional sense and practical design, such as web design, digital illustrations, etc.? According to one of the definitions, “to design” means “to create or to execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner”. Obviously, there is a pretty tight connection between art and design, and these two words are practically synonymous. That is why talking about design, especially about its modern forms, such as graphics, photography, architecture, and others, we often mean art as well. One of the unique features of true art works is their ability to inspire; and isn’t it inspiration, which is clearly perceived when looking at the samples of modern design, such as those offered in this collection?


Photo by Alex Stoddard

Photo by marconi

Photo by Leszek Bujnowski

Photo by Metin Demiralay

Photo by Michael Anderson

Photo by Billy Kidd

BW nude by Alfred Weissenegger

Photo by Edmondo Senatore


The Great Bayan by Sergey Skachkov

Artwork by Marc Simonetti

Selected Illustrations 2010 by Mike Friedrich

illus by Feesh Meelo

3d Arts

The Faun by Andreas Chrysovitsanos

Flying Alien – Cartoon Style by Peter Eriksson

Who let the genie out? by Henrik Linqvist

Art and Digital Art

Paintings by Jonathan Bergeron

SlashTHREE “Paradigm Shift” by Mateusz Sypien

Paintings I / plywood # 4 mm by Robert Romanowicz

Bonded by Veaone

Depthcore – EVE by Raphael Vicenzi


HAPPY BDAY JC by Like Minded Studio

Al-kimiya by Benjamin Varin

Jeksel by Mats Ottdal


All sports now in your iPhone by Unknown

Polar bear – Sticks everything safely by Unknown

Land Rover: Cactus by RKCR/Y&R


123 ultra modern armchair design by Steiner

Jalis soft sofas by COR


Volvo V60 Hybrid by Volvo

Samsung 9 by Samsung




Creative Portfolio Website PSD Template by graphicsfuel.com

Download Website Template


The Art of Drowning by Diego Maclean


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