Beard Photography Showcase

Once treated as the signs of wisdom and life experience, fashion for beards changed throughout the long history of the human kind. Today beards and moustaches are much less frequent than they once were. However, this only draws more attention to them and makes people with this type of face embellishment more notable and standing out of the crowds of our contemporaries, mainly preferring hairless faces. No matter why men decide to grow beards, either they do this based on some religious commitments or just following some kind of fashion trend, beards and/or moustaches are usually true signs of strong and vivid personalities.

It goes without saying that beards are perceived differently in different countries and ethnic communities. However, stepping aside from the discussion of diverse traditional perceptions as well as misperceptions of beards, we invite you to have a look at beards from a slightly different angle – forget about the symbols and meaning of beards or moustaches, just focus on the unique and sometimes really fancy designs they may have. It is interesting to note that beard can be a very expressive part of the human appearance – a whole range of emotions or particular types of characters, from wise and good-tempered to fearful and cynical ones, can be expressed and underlined by beard or moustache. Don’t you believe? Check the beards showcase below…

Beardfolio by Matt Rainwaters

Young Men With Big Beards by Sean Breithaupt and Yvette Monahan

Pretty Masculine by Ernst Coppejans

Beard Styling by Maurizio Fantini

Marie-Claude Hamel – Portraits à moustache by Leitmotiv studio.

Beard by Matthew Farrant

Mike by CJ Foeckler

Callum Sadler by Joe Hunt

Cowboy Poets by Sonya Revell

Golden Years by Darren Wigley

Suran by Dalibor Talajic

Portrait by Robert

Naga Baba by Martin Prihoda

Sadu by Robert

Vieille France by Thomas C.

Stars in his eyes by Mark Boyle

Donald by Bjarne Hyldgaard

MADAM…… by m.j. arcanjo

Mr. Nicholas… by Antonio Grambone

Believer by mea

YESTERDAY MAN by m.j. arcanjo

RAÚL PEREZ THE PAINTER by m.j. arcanjo

Happy old man by Robert

Tegas by Junaidi Sudirman

“GURU” by Thaib Chaidar

Fearless by Phyllis Clarke

Photo by Csehák Szabolcs

Casual encounters.. by Edmondo

Smoker by Vincent Chung

Bozo by Dragi


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