Concept Cars – A Glance into the Future of Automobile Industry

Today there are about 600 million passenger cars in the world. Can you imagine that 125 years ago there was only one motor vehicle, and between 1888 and 1893 there were only 25 lucky men in the world, who purchased the first cars, produced by Karl Benz? It goes without saying that modern cars differ greatly from those, produced at the dawn of automobile era. It took years to invent rubber tires, windshields, car stereo, ABS, turbo compressors, and many other common features of typical modern cars.

However, it is necessary to say that there have always been particular car models, which set the direction for the future car design and further development of automobile industry. They are called concept cars or prototypes. These cars have a very important and specific role – today they show us how cars will look tomorrow. Concept cars are always unique – not only because they are usually produced in one exemplar only, but also because such vehicles of tomorrow represent the most cutting edge and experimental concepts, technologies, and innovations, known to car makers at the given period of time. Concept cars reflect the state of the art in both functionality and design. Not only new engines and transmissions are first introduced at concept cars, but also novelties of the exterior and interior design. Have a look at the pictures below, and you’ll be able to feel the scent of the future. Cars, shown in this gallery, fascinate and attract with the ultimate style and unusual appearance. Concept cars truly can show the fusion of revolutionary technical innovations and the most progressive art trends.

Alfa Romeo Coelus by Jan Bujnak

Audi Axiom by Amar Vaya

PEUGEOT – CONCEPT CAR by Piotr Czyzewski

Citroën Survolt by Laurent Nivalle

INFERNO – CONCEPT CAR “SOUL” by Piotr Czyzewski

Jaguar 2040 by Amar Vaya

Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car by Samir Sadikhov

Citroën DS High Rider Concept by Laurent Nivalle

COBRA VENOM – concept car (3D) by Jamie Martin

VFV – Very Fun Vehicle by Nuno Teixeira

LONDON NAVIGATOR – bus concept (3D) by Jamie Martin

MGV1 by Amar Vaya

Ferrari Nero by Jason Battersby

Enes GP Concept by Samir Sadikhov

Alfa Romeo 4C by Alessandro Palombarini

B7 HI-SPEED HYBRID VEHICLE by Filip Tejszerski

YDOTY by Leigh Hendrik Cosentino

Aeon – Renault EV concept by Vlad Icobet

Amphibian Mercedes by Péter Iglói-Nagy


Incepto Concept by Samir Sadikhov

Automagazine SEAT 2007 by João Mendes


McLaren LM5 Concept by Matt Williams

Concept X6 by Lihet Calin

Citroën C-Cactus by Laurent Nivalle

Bentley Aero Ace – Speed IV by Gabriel Tam

Metropolis Hydrogen EV by Nedzad Mujcinovic

Chrysler Turbine EV by Dave Owsen

ALOURA, 2010 by Apostol Tnokovski

EcoJet by Jay Brett


Mazda RX9 / Michelin E.A.P. Tire System by James Owen

Volcom Chariot by Klaud Wasiak


MYBUS – 2007 Michelin Outstanding Design Award by Nuno Teixeira

Mercedes-Benz – Ecological-Car Sponsored Project by Alex Ekimov

Citroën GT by Laurent Nivalle

UBO – Concept Car by Urbano Rodriguez

Aston Martin Agora’ by Himanshu Bhardwaj

Automotive Sketches by Vlad Icobet

Gamma Concept by Niels Grubak Iversen

Lynx by Daniel Toma

Izaro Motors – GTE by Amar Vaya

Mercedes-Benz E.Matic by Hussein Al-Attar

Peugeot Alien by Levan Davitadze

LUNA, 2009 by Apostol Tnokovski

Future Muscle by Dwayne Vance

Mclaren by Mohammad Ghezel

Design study by Jan Bujnak

Volkswagen Moog by Klaud Wasiak

Hussar Inspired Dakar Rally by Klaud Wasiak

Audi Shark by Mert TOL


Citroën Revolte by Laurent Nivalle


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