Inversions in the Atmosphere

Atmosphere is not only the indispensable condition of life existence on planet Earth, but it is also the greatest canvas ever created by Nature. Like a genius painter sun draws magnificent and ultimately beautiful pictures, sending its rays to the surface of Earth through the filter of atmosphere, where the sun light is magically transformed into a boundless amount of colors and shades. What is known to us as fog is nothing but tiny drops of water in the air. They work like small lenses, splitting the light into fantastic shades and creating incredible visual effects.

People have always associated fog with some mysterious element, capable of transforming usual things into something purely magic and mystique. Such particular atmosphere is distinctly shown at many of the below photographs. Yes, fog can really be gloomy and melancholic; but, perhaps, it is the best time for meditation and distraction from the bitter truth of reality. Hiding what’s real, mist just allows our imagination to decode the images, stored or generated by our brains. In terms of art and creativity, fog just like other atmospheric agents, such as rain or snow, possesses a huge potential of inspiration for the artists, acting like their most faithful ally in the process of creating visual art masterpieces.

Infinity by Cornel Pufan

November story by Cornel Pufan

Danube river by Cornel Pufan

Where dreams are born by Cornel Pufan

Panta rhei by Cornel Pufan

Early in the morning by Cornel Pufan

Wake impossible by Cornel Pufan

Winter Morning by Matej Peljhan

Welcome by Matej Peljhan

Evergreen by Matej Peljhan

Part of the River by Aleš Nanut

Mist on valley by Aleš Nanut

Autumn Mists by Izidor Gasperlin

B&W Hometown view by Izidor Gasperlin

Misty Village by Izidor Gasperlin

Early Fly by Izidor Gasperlin

Sunrise on a cold foggy morning by Keith Foster UK

Summit cross by Christoph Hessel

| ||| by Sergio Sibekin

Mt Tasman and Aoraki/Mt Cook reflected in Lake Matheson, New Zealand by Ilya Genkin

Nepal. October. Dawn. by Dmitry Shatrov

World of fairy tales by Janez Tolar

Color and atmosphere on the plane .. by Edmondo Senatore

Charon by Uladzislay Mihdalionok

Contemplation by Yevgen Timashov

Above the Clouds by Yevgen Timashov

Foggy morning by Yevgen Timashov

House on a Cliff by Dmitry Sumin

Before the day by Rimantas Bikulčius

Fishermen by Rimantas Bikulčius

The Floating Palace of Taj by Tomasz Wagner

B vs W by Anton Sokolov

Wainting by Cornel Pufan

The Himalaya by Dementievskiy Ivan

Morning dream by Bardadym Olexiy

*** by Alexey Kuklin

Sakhalin by Dementievskiy Ivan

TWO SISTERS… by Yuri Ovchinnikov

QUIET RIVER… by Yuri Ovchinnikov

*** by Oleg Breslavtsev

Morning Toulouse by Tchaikovski Artem

Silent Hill by Vladislav Fominykh

At the time the river by Alexander Mikulich

Port by Maxim Mjodov

Port by Maxim Mjodov

*** by Anna Ganjelyuk

Fog in Moscow city by Ilya Perfiliev

Misty autumn morning by Aleksey Panko

Daybreak by Roman Lipinski

Our common future by Matjaz Cater

Ventisca en el Adi by Inaxio Tejerina

Cold sore in the morning by Daniel ReRicha

Dream Walker by Andreas Gaitanidis

Dreamland by Marcin Jagiellicz

The Peak by Colmar Wocke

Novorossiysk by Igor Torgachkin

*** by Waldemar Wienchol

Bridge to nowhere. by Willem de Kok

Light by Andris Polikevics

Mists… by Krzysztof Browko

Waiting for the miracle by Matjaz Cater

Foggy Shanghai by Andrea Ferrari

Victoria Falls by James Appleton

Mists in Tuscany by Giacomo Pulcinelli

Konya by ermis

Magic morning … by Dare Turnsek


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