Dance – The Wink of an Eye Caught Still

Human body seems to belong to one of the miracles and enigmas, which humans themselves cannot help being amazed with. Its beauty and grace, as well as vulnerability and changeability have been described and praised by the artists, poets, and photographers for years and centuries. Vivid images of the beautiful curves and smooth skin, kind smiles and shiny eyes always attract the attention of the viewers. Photography is, perhaps, the only technique known today, which can so genuinely make visible the transient movements, subtle gestures, and amazing postures of the human body we would otherwise hardly even notice. The greatest magic of photography is its ability to catch the shortest moments and show them indefinitely to the audience. This feature of photography is so valuable if we want to disclose the grace, flexibility, tenderness, and refinement of the dancers.

The pas and steps, which change one another in the wink of an eye in the course of dance, are in the scope of our today showcase of dance photography. Here the camera and the creative vision of our photographers work smoothly together to practically catch still the wink of an eye and reveal the unseen and unknown features of the human body in the dance.

Editorial Dance by Lee Cherry

My old photo shoots of dancers by Alexander Yakovlev

A tribute to Michael Jackson by MAT NEIDHARDT

Dirty Dancing by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Jacobs Campbell Dance 2009 by Lindsey Thoeng

Release – Emotions by Duc Minh Phung

Melange by Clarence Lam

A Street Ballerina by Rasoloarison Live

WE DA BEST – Photoshoot by Bernardo Pires

Dance and Fire by Nicola Di Marco

Creations 2 – poster by Lukasz Murgrabia

Dancers by Josh Edwards

Black Forest Disco Art Project concert by Savina Mokreva

Dance by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Identité(s) – Compagnie Cortex Light calligraphy by Julien Breton

Water Moves, a ballet calendar by Klaus Kampert

Water Dance by Duc Minh Phung

Dance by Osmel Fabre

Just Dance by Megan Snider

Dance by Denis Filatov

Bizarre2 by Mikhail (Va5ilich) Kiryanov

BREAK DANCE by Federico Suarez


Dance by Ebony Pleasants

EG Tango by Minga

People by Alan Jones

Flying by Matjaz Cater

Sundance by Ivo Sisevic – Sisko

Flight by lovethelight

Cloud Dancer by lovethelight

Tango by Tomek Dyczewski

Tango Malevo by Luis Steinberg

Russian Symmetrie by Andreas-Joachim Lins

The Art Of Dancing by Andreas-Joachim Lins

The Dancer by Roberto Manetta

What Time Is It? by King Douglas

Rebecca by King Douglas

On Rock by Stephen Edds


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