Rain Photography – The Purifying Water of Rain

Some grumblers may say rain means no sun, dark grey sky, sharp wind, cold, sadness and low spirits. “No way” – we say. For people with creative vision and imagination rain is what makes the air fresher, grass and tree leaves cleaner and greener, sunshine and blue skies brighter. Yes, rain may bring a storm along, but it will end with a rainbow; it can cause flood, but for millions of people in Africa rivers overflow is a real treasure, as it means rich crops in several months. Finally, summer rain is so much fun for children! They simply enjoy getting wet, and besides, they also like to make paper ships and play with them in the puddles.

Many photographers are fascinated with such phenomenon as rain, and they try to take the pictures, which would show their attitude and perception of the rainy weather. Some raindrops photographs resemble the tears, while other images depict the rain as the vitally important natural phenomenon that ensures the continuation of living. So, maybe it is all about our attitude? Maybe we should learn to see something positive in the things happening to us and the nature? In the long run, the most romantic kisses on the pictures and in the movies are those under the rain

Paper Boats by Victor Eredel

GQ by Tejal Patni

Sony Walkman – Photoshoot by Design Friendship

Bad Weather by Danny Santos II

Yesterday It Rained by Matt Mawson

Tears Like The Ocean by Elif Sanem Karakoc

Rainy Days In Color by Kaylin Idora

Rain by Nicolas Dumont

Intersection by Navid Baraty

On Rainy Days… by Esteban Diacono

Wet N Wild by Sharad Haksar

Kuttyǿl by Saiju Sreedharan

Carhartt Rain Ad Series by Roberto Alegria

Rain by Laura A. P.


Rome by Artem Savateev

Rainy days by caminando

Steps into the unknown by Paolo Girardi

MOVE by Nora Jane

Rain vs Dandyfrog by Benoit Dogniez

Rain by Alex Filippides

Storm by Sébastian Dahl

It rains. by Stephanie Anderson

Espejos de lluvia – Rain mirrors by Abelardo de la Torre

Upper by Andrey Korotich

After the rain by Denis Demkov

It rains in London by Vera Golosova

RainLove by Astee Hmonee

Raining man by Alexander Awerin

It’s raining by Vadim Tereshchenko

Rainy shadows by Maximo Gaia

Rainy 1 by i x

Rainy colours by Marie (Albatroska)

Rainy Day by Togrul Mammadov

U2 by Alexander Matukhno

In the drop by Uros Florjancic

*** by Igor Philipenko

Wet breakfast by Andy Martin

Photo by Magdalena Wasiczek

Point of View by Donato Buccella

Rain with Love by Widjita Raya Muljadi

Dancing in the rain by Yasemin Kahraman

Smile on train by raya

A Fresh New Rain by Joseph Dannels

Crying games by Codrin Lupei

Engrossed himself in the rain by Nico Fredia

Miss The Rain by Nico Fredia

Shower**** by Roby Bon

Shower……bisinis by Roby Bon

Spring Day by Marco Polticchia

Basah by Andre Arment

Rain by Kouji Tomihisa

Coping Strategy by Lars Daniel Terkelsen

Raining cats and dogs by Rui Palha

Wet jump by Rui Palha


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