Daily Inspirations no. 89

Our Mother Nature is a perfect creator and a designer; there is no doubt about that. It created everything that surrounds us – plants, animals, landscapes, colors and shapes, odors and tastes. It seems impossible that there could be some other designer capable of exceeding Nature’s power and genius. On the other hand, every single Nature’s creation acquired a little bit of its creative skills as a gift. Most often these skills are used to survive in the wild. We, humans, in the course of evolution started to use our gift of creativity to amaze the viewers, to mimic the Nature, to do art and create beauty, which, as we know, can save the world. Art pieces presented today in our inspiration set are the vivid examples of the above stated…


Photo by Ario Wibisono

Photo by Michael Anderson

Photo by Nika Shatova

Guess Spring 2011 by Ellen von Unwerth

Guess Fall 2010 by Ellen von Unwerth

Photo by Billy Kidd

Landscapes of Central Asia by Constantine Kikvidze

Fantasy death by Alexandr Pipko


The Octopus World by Heri Irawan

Big Spirit by Gonçalo Pereira

Mayan Walker by Jeff Miracola

Shantytown by Alex Ruiz

3d Arts

Drove by laverdet

Mario by Marcin Klicki

Big Bad by Jonas Skoog

Art and Digital Art

Surrogate by Anton Semenov

Postcard by Ruta Dumalakaite

Artwork by David Cutter

Creatures by Ellen Jewett

Photoart by Dariusz Klimczak


KILLA B’s by Like Minded Studio

Geometric typography by Fernando Claps

24/7_Type Flow by Karol Gadzala


VW by Unknown

Cafe Lukafe by Unknown

Playstation 3 by Unknown


New R15 made with inspiration by Porshe Caenne by Wise-Design

Lighted Outdoor Furniture by Avanzini – Bright Wood


Seagate GoFlex by Seagate

Sahara Forest Project by Sahara Forest Project Foundation




PSD Template by Unknown

Download Web Template


One Rat Short by Charlex


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