3D Logo Inspiring Examples

It seems like 3D effect has turned into a kind of a modern craze – these days everything needs to be in 3D. However, this is not a big surprise, because we actually live in the three-dimensional world and now we just have the necessary technologies, enabling us to recreate the 3D effect of reality in multiple graphical applications. Have a look at the collection of 3D logos below. Do you think they are all about following a fashionable trend? Not really… These logos with 3D effect are also marked with high professionalism of designers, clear creative concept, and definite artistic value. After all, 3D logos are just good-looking examples of corporate graphics, which keep pace with the requirements, expectations, and opportunities of the present time.

OpenCandy coffee by Studio Ink

ESCHER Ambigram by B. Wichmann

Nirvana by Henric Sjosten

Stiklo Erdve by Audrius Rickus

Carousel Media by Ian O’Hanlon

Cheeseeki by umbra

Flyer-city by Arnas Goldbergas

DesignTent by jmutton

Urbanground by Felipe Sbravate

Lift v1 by Brian K Gray

Zmex Business Center by Miroslav Vujovic

SILVERSTONE by Sergey Babenko

ADIPE by Petr Barak

Sweet Land by Alan Oronoz

Pack the Pantries by Brian K Gray

Centro Books by Marco Echevarria

EGO logo by Mike Erickson

Drinkhouse 1 by graphicart21

Gajba Bar Logo by Igor Manasteriotti

The Human Elements by Rick Erickson

ProfShinServis by garybaldi

Colossal by Antonius Murdhani

Big Milk Productions by Sean Heisler

Georgian Film by milash


Jazz School Online by Rudy Hurtado

Don Decor by Sergey Babenko

Picabinet by Lanevsky Alexander

Metroplex by brandberry

Heaven Films by Craig Scott Russell

Swing Studios by Kyle Struve

Cellio by Misona

CodeGear by Noetic Brands

Lighthouse digital by chungdha

Infinitum by Sean O’Grady

Logophile by Glen Hobbs

Fortuna by Roy Smith

FOLD IT by Tareq Khoury

PAGE FOLD by Tareq Khoury

TRIAD by Nadim Twal

Strategical2 by Damian Dominguez

LOOP by Daniel Koveshazi

East Valley Construction Inc. by Bart O’Dell

Guevaras Mexican Imports by Bart O’Dell

Life Source by John Slabyk

Ervin Esen by Ervin Esen

Maverick by legendlogo

ProfitInvest by Jakub Rutkowski

Kiube by Alan Oronoz

Evolutiva by Federico Butler

GAS(psd) by Alan Oronoz

www by sickly

Star Creative by Uran Wang

Peak Performance by Taulant Sulko

Strumtech by Alen Pavlovic


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